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This page contains information about disclosures, terms and conditions, email marketing and privacy statement terms.

This little corner of the blog is here to give transparency to all readers.

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Privacy and Terms & Conditions

Moving on to the Privacy, terms & conditions section. All of the content, including words, photos and videos on Plain Jane Lifestyle are intended to help readers for informational and entertainment purposes.

The site Plain Jane Lifestyle, does not approve complete accuracy. Therefore, Plain Jane Lifestyle shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies related to content information. This includes content and links on the site or to other outbound sites that are referenced.

Because of that, Plain Jane Lifestyle will not be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred.

Please note all disclosures may change at any time without notice.

Intellectual Property

The website PlainJaneLifestyle owns all content unless otherwise cited. The first example is a gust post. If you read content related to a guest post, I will include the guest poster’s name as author under the content.

Secondly, Plain Jane Lifestyle uses a mixture of original photos which I (Jane Boughton) have personally taken as well as use royalty free stock photos from sites such as

Lastly, please recognize that I work hard to produce this content for my readers. All of the literature and information is treated as copy owned by Plain Jane Lifestyle.

Because of this, original work cannot be reproduced. Because it cannot be reproduced in other capacities, the only way in which it can be is by obtaining consent directly from Plain Jane Lifestyle.

For example, content that is reproduced somewhere else would be for a guest post.


Affiliate links are disclosed at the start of each article. Affiliate links are also disclosed as soon as an affiliate is mentioned. Readers will notice affiliate links throughout various content of Plain Jane Lifestyle.

As stated previously, affiliate links are disclosed at the beginning of blog posts. Affiliates are also disclosed at the mention of an affiliate product.

The reason for disclosing affiliates is that I want to be transparent will all my readers.

The most common affiliate you will see is with my Siteground hosting platform.

Siteground is the hosting platform for my blog, Plain Jane Lifestyle.

Therefore, I recommend Siteground hosting. If people that visit Plain Jane Lifestyle are interested in starting a blog I recommend Siteground hosting.

Because I have had an amazing experience with the Siteground platform, I decided to become an affiliate for it.

That is why I promote Siteground.

Please note that I only promote services that I believe are of good value. I do not promote anything that I would not use myself.

Email Marketing

I use Mailer Lite (affiliate) for an email platform on Plain Jane Lifestyle. Mailer Lite is completely free up to your first 1000 subscribers. For those that are just starting to build an email list, using Mailer Lite is a great option.

Even after you have obtained 1000 subscribers, it is very affordable to kep using. For those reasons, Plain Jane Lifestyle collects emails from individuals that have signed up to be on the email list.

In doing so, signing up to the email newsletter you agree to receive emails about the latest blog posts, news from the blog and to be the first to know about new content and possible eCourses as they become available.

You may unsubscribe at any time by simply clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

So if you have any trouble at all with still receiving emails after unsubscribing, please reach out to me directly at

I will find out what the glitch is make sure you are removed from future emails.

So, if you have any questions at all regarding content on Plain Jane Lifestyle please feel free to email me at the following email address:

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