As you know from my about page, this is a lifestyle blog. I write about pretty much everything under the sun. I have a bend towards travel, freelance writing and blogging. As those have been my most popular sections of my blog.

Because of that I want to continue to feed readers more of the topics they are interested in.

Making Navigation Easier For Readers

Figuring out how to format a sections navigation menu bar for this blog took me a little bit longer than I would like to admit.

It is important for every blog to have a navigation tool bar. The website Ready Art Work breaks down the 5 Reasons Why Website Navigation Is Important.

That is one of the fun things about working on a blog, you learn about basic HTML, formatting, basic website tools and so much more. I really enjoy doing this!

Find what you are looking for quickly by clicking on one of the sections you are interested in.

In the menu header you may also notice a magnifying glass icon. Use that tool to search a keyword on a topic you like. For example, one of the blogs largest sections is the travel category.

Simply type the word Hawaii or San Francisco and you will be brought to those blog posts.

Whether you are interested in reading more of travel, recipes, blogging, budgeting, freelance writing, money, health, decor, or fashion there is something for everyone here.