Splendid Summer Collection


The Splendid Summer stock photo collection is a group of 24 unique flat lay stock photos taken in my at home studio in beautiful Portland, OR.

The Splendid Summer stock photo collection provides the perfect backdrop for blog posts and on social media. A handful of photos contain lots of white space which is perfect for creating a Pinterest pin or Instagram post that you can overlay text on.

This collection of 24 stock photos is only $12! That means you pay .50 cents per photo. That’s a great deal on purchasing stock images.



(Last Updated On: January 26, 2021)

Introducing the Splendid Summer stock photo collection. This group of 24 unique flat lay stock photos was inspired by bright and cheery summer days. A spritz filled drink of san pellegrino topped with fresh lemons and limes is the refreshing drink you need while sitting on your front porch in the middle of summer.

From food bloggers to lifestyle bloggers, all can find good uses for these flat lay styled summer photos.

The Splendid Summer stock photo collection features summer fruits such as grapefruit, lemons and limes styled on a white or marble backdrop accompanied by an apple laptop and colored pencils.

I hope you download this fun Splendid Summer stock photo collection and enjoy using the images on your blog, business website and social media outlets.



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