Guest Post on Blogger Of The Month Feature


Blogger of the month

If you are interested in being featured with the blogger of the month guest post spotlight please answer the 16 questions listed below, send a photo of yourself that you would like featured and email me at

It’s that simple. I look forward to your submissions!


  1. Name
  2. Name of your blog/website
  3. Names of your social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  4. Location: City, State, Country
  5. What made you start your blog?
  6. How long have you been blogging/operating your website?
  7. What has been the biggest surprise to you so far in your blogging journey?
  8. Do you blog part-time or full-time?
  9. If full-time, what was your prior career? If part-time, what do you do outside of blogging?
  10. Do you make money from your blog? If so, what has been your best source of revenue? Examples: affiliate income, digital product, freelance writing
  11. What drives the most traffic to your blog? Examples: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  12. How many page views does your blog average per day?
  13. What has been your most successful post to date?
  14. What is coming up next for your blog? (Give our readers a sneak peak at something new)
  15. How often do you publish new content?
  16. If you could give one piece of advice to other bloggers what would it be?

Blogger of the month

Some wonderful bloggers and freelancers have been featured on the guest post blogger of the month feature and the experience has been so much fun.

Here are a few of the past blogger of the month guest posts Plain Jane Lifestyle has had:

Lindy Alexander – December 2018

Lindy was the very first guest post Blogger of the Month feature I had. She is a freelance writer that documents her freelance experience through her blog titled The Freelancer’s Year. Read more about her background and story through her Q&A feature.

Renee Hyde – January 2019