Free Blog Resources



Thank you for stopping by the free blog resources page! This is a free goodie section of my blog where i provide free blog resources just for you! Below you will find a pre-set excel spread sheet with formulas set for so you can easily track your blog income and expenses. 

You will also find a year’s worth of email topics to send to your email list as well as a list of freebie opt-in ideas to help you build that email list!

I will be adding more and more free resources to this page, so please check back in to see what other treasures land here!

12 Month Blogging Budget

This excel spreadsheet is already preset with formulas for you to track blogging expenses and revenue. I created this to make it easy to track expenses. 

If you are spending money and taking in revenue from your blog, you may already know from reading my post on blogging legally how important it is to keep track of these things. 

So save yourself some time and future headaches by tracking those expenses with my free blogger budget template.

Freebie Opt-in Ideas

1 Year of Email Topics

Have you been hearing that you “need to start an email list” now? I know when I first started blogging I would read countless blog posts about how important it is to start building your email list from the beginning, but I wasn’t exactly sure what the benefit was, especially if I was new to blogging. 

If you are just starting your blogging journey you may also be wondering the same thing. 

Well here is the most important reason why you should start building an email list from the beginning.

If you are hoping to make money from your blog eventually, your email list is your most loyal following. Those will be the people that are truly interested in what you are selling. 

That makes a lot of sense right?

Another reason to start an email list is that people won’t forget about you. The more you touch base and provide useful information, the more your audience will enjoy reading your emails and will build a relationship with you. 

No one wants to buy something from someone or a some business that they don’t trust. 

Am I right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your email list now. Even if you are only sending an initial welcome email. That’s something! Build from there. 

Everyone has to start somewhere. 

I have been using Mailer Lite (affiliate) since I started my blog and I am very happy with it. 

It has awesome features that let you create landing pages, which happen to be great for affiliate marketing campaigns. It also lets you plan out emails for months and years. 

The templates are professional and very user friendly. And, the best part is that it’s free!

I hope you have enjoyed some of these free blog resources!