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    The Perfect Day In Montreal

    Montreal is a French speaking city in the Canadian province of Quebec. I grew up in the northwestern section of Vermont and crossing the border in to the french speaking land of the Quebecois in Canada was always an exciting experience.  It’s true what they say,  that Montreal makes you feel as if you were walking the streets of downtown Paris. Even though the province of Quebec is primarily French speaking, people also speak english.  You can get by very easy without speaking french and using english in Montreal. However it is very much appreciated when you do speak french. In an effort to preserve the French language, the citizens…

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    The Day Trips From Portland Oregon That You Should Be Taking Now

    Day trips from Portland, Oregon: Situated on the Willamette River (pronounced Will-am-it), lies the city of Portland.  With snow capped Mt Hood to the east and Mt. Saint Helens to the north (yep, the active volcanic mountain that blew it’s top off in 1980), Portland, OR lies in the most optimal spot for day trips in all directions. Whether you are looking to hit the slopes of Mt. Hood, smell the ocean from Cannon Beach or sip wine in the Willamette valley you can easily venture out for a day trip and be back home in time for dinner. Below I will share 4 day trips in each direction from Portland. Enjoy! To the north: Mount St.…

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    Is Portland the Most Vegan Friendly City In The World?

    Is Portland the most vegan friendly city in the world? Okay everyone, so Portland came in at #9 out of 10 on the Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017 rank list according to Happy Cow. But hey, out of all the cities in the world that’s pretty darn good! In 2016 Portland earned the #1 spot from PETA as America’s #1 Vegan-Friendly City but then in 2017 lost out to the top spot to New York City. What is it about Portland that makes it so incredibly vegan friendly you may ask? Well, for starters Portland is home to 34 fully-vegan restaurants, 28 vegetarian, and 166 veg-friendly options, and growing as…

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    3 Reasons Christmas In Las Vegas Is A Good Idea

    Okay, so you may think that spending your Christmas holiday in Las Vegas is so far from the picturesque “white Christmas” idea that we are all accustomed to, that it couldn’t possibly be something you should consider around the holidays.  But I want to share 3 reasons why Las Vegas at Christmas time is a good idea.   Sunshine and warm temperature!–  If you are not a fan of the snow, rain, freezing temperatures and grey skies then Las Vegas’s December temperatures are for you.  With average December temperatures around 60 degrees,  why not get away to some much needed sunshine to boost your spirits!?!  Just take a look at…

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    Ways of Traveling between Portland and Seattle

    Traveling between Portland and Seattle is super easy. The best part is that you have options! These two cities are like cousins. Getting to and from these two coffee loving pacific northwest cities is easy.  You have many options when traveling between Portland and Seattle, whether you want to take a plane, train or automobile. But all options have their pluses and minuses.  In this article I will point out the benefits of each mode of transit between Portland and Seattle. Plane This is the fastest way to travel and the most expensive. But if saving time is what’s most valuable to you, then this is the way to go.…

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    The Best Coffee Shop in Portland

    Barista coffee shop – NW 23rd location in Portland, Oregon Coffee Review: Barista. That is the name of one of the best coffee shops in America, according to the annual report from the The Daily Meal titled; The 50 Best Coffee Shops In America, published in April, 2014. Barista has 5 locations in Portland, OR but my favorite has to be the Barista coffee shop location on NW 13th Avenue in Portland’s trendy Pearl District. Walking up the concrete steps to Barista and clutching onto a metal rail I can hear the steam from the espresso machine frothing up the perfect latte, I can smell the crisp aroma of arabica coffee beans as hipsters lounge…

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    First Timer’s Guide to Seattle

    When you hear the word Seattle, some of the first thoughts that may come to mind likely include rain, coffee, the space needle, house boats and the Puget sound. At least those are the first things that come to my mind, along with the movie Sleepless In Seattle starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. What a romantic city Seattle is!  There is just something about the thought of waking through the rain, umbrella in one hand, a steaming cup of coffee in the other as you run errands around the city that seems dreamy to me. If you have never been to Seattle before then this post is for you. Here is my…

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    Long Weekend in Washington D.C.

    If you only have a few days for a vacation, consider spending a long weekend in Washington, D.C. D.C. is after all the United States capital. A place where so much history has occurred and where laws have been passed and demonstrations of historical significance have taken place. This city is filled with so much to see and do that you couldn’t possibly capture it all in just one visit. But you sure can have an awesome time seeing amazing museums and sites. I am going to share with you my exact itinerary from a long weekend in Washington, D.C.. I hope this post helps show you that you can…

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    A Three Day Weekend In Arizona

    I had never traveled to Arizona before. It wasn’t until this past Labor Day weekend that my husband and I decided to spend a long three day weekend in Arizona for the first time. Ever since I moved from Vermont to Oregon seven years ago, residing on the West Coast has provided many exciting weekend travel options. Living on the west coast made it possible to see parts of Arizona in a weekend, as well as Las Vegas, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle…options are abundant out here. September is an extremely hot time of year to be in Arizona. Temperatures during our stay hovered around 106 degrees. While this was very…

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    Christmas Itinerary for New York City

    New York City is a great place to visit anytime of the year.  But, I always wanted to go during December when the city is decorated for the holidays and experience all of that holiday magic!  Last December I met my mom in NYC for a 3 day weekend. This post may contain affiliate links. Day 1 We coordinated our flights to arrive in Newark, NJ airport within 30 minutes of each other. This worked out fabulously. I was flying on a redeye from Portland, OR and my mom was flying from Burlington, VT. Prior to our trip I had outlined an extensive “Christmas itinerary for New York City” so…