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    Homemade Croutons From Day Old Bread

    Homemade croutons are on the menu today! I love buying fresh bread to go alongside a home cooked meal. The thing is, I don’t like how quickly fresh bread turns stale. So the next time you are thinking of tossing day old bread into the garbage try making homemade croutons instead. In today’s recipe I will show you, step-by-step how to turn day old bread into delicious homemade croutons. Crouton’s are the perfect topping to a kale salad or a hot tomato soup. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate throwing away food. I like to utilize everything purchased from the store and aim to create as little…

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    The Best Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Pepper

    Today, I am excited to share an Italian inspired ricotta cheese stuffed pepper recipe with you. First of all, you will love that this vegetarian dish packs a lot of flavor. As a result, each bite will consist of delicious ricotta cheese as well as the taste of fresh herbs such as basil and parsley. A Vegetarian Dish Everyone Will Love I have really enjoyed experimenting with stuffed pepper recipes as one of my new vegetarian dinner staples. One of the first vegetarian stuffed pepper recipes that I made was Mexican inspired. It contained rice, cheese and spice! Check out that recipe here. How to make a ricotta cheese stuffed…

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    Healthy Chocolate Protein Smoothie

    I have the perfect healthy protein smoothie recipe to share with you today. It is packed with healthy chocolate protein powder, coconut milk, avocado and mixed berries. A Protein Smoothie That Is Vegan Friendly Today’s recipe is perfect for vegans because it incorporates coconut milk instead of traditional milk. For this protein smoothie recipe I like to use the Vega protein powder brand. It is vegan friendly, of course, and is packed with nutrients. Vega protein is the #1 plant based protein powder on the market according to their online website. This protein powder is also a non-gmo project verified. The Coconut Milk Gives This Protein Smoothie A Delicious Taste…

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    Exactly How to Make Coconut Cream Pie

    Today I will explain step-by-step how to make coconut cream pie. This recipe will likely take you half a day or a full day to make. But don’t worry, it is not all hands-on cooking. In fact what takes the longest is allowing the custard filling to chill, which calls for as little as 3 hours. How To Avoid The Most Common Coconut Cream Pie Fail: Runny Filling To avoid this issue altogether, the key is to make sure that you cook the filling long enough on the stove top before allowing it to cool. You will know you have done this correctly when the custard has thickened. If it…

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    The Perfect Pie Crust Recipe

    As the temperatures take a dip and we head into the fall season people start to gravitate towards comfort foods. And what’s a better comfort food than your favorite pie for dessert? It doesn’t get much better than fresh apple pie, pumpkin pie or coconut cream pie in my opinion. So today, I am going to share the perfect pie crust recipe with you. Skip The Pre-made Pie Crust Picking up a pre-made pie crust from the freezer section of your local grocery store is a simple task. It makes sense when you are short on time and you need a little help in the kitchen. But I am going…

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    Greek Salad Recipe: The Perfect Summer Dish

    When the temperature rises, people often look for lighter fare. A greek salad is in my opinion one of the perfect summer side dishes. If you are looking for a greek salad recipe that packs in a lot of flavor, this is the one to make. What I love most about this Greek salad recipe. My favorite thing about this salad is that it tastes so good! I have been making this every two weeks as one of my summer staples. While it is best served immediately, it is okay to refrigerate the leftovers and eat the next day too. The olive oil will harden in the cold temperature of…

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    Vegetarian Broccoli Cake Fritter Recipe

    Today I am excited to share with you a broccoli cake fritter recipe. To start, broccoli is a vegetable I love cooking with because you can utilize the entire vegetable, even the stem. This recipe is perfect for a sharing as an appetizer or to serve as a main course. You will love how easy it is to make! In less than 30 minutes this vegetarian broccoli cake fritter recipe will be on the table. What I love most about this recipe… I love that it is a fun vegetarian meal that is not a salad. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE salad, but sometimes you want a hot meal…

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    The Ultimate Vegetarian Chili Recipe

    Whether you consider yourself a vegetarian or not, I think we can all agree that a vegetarian chili dish is one of those meals that everyone will love. Today I am excited to share with you what I consider the ultimate vegetarian recipe. This one is packed with a ton of flavor. It also has healthy beans for protein, jalapeno for spice and a nice fire roasted tomato sauce that packs a lot of punch. What I Love Most About This Vegetarian Chili Recipe I love that after about thirty minutes of initial prep time, the remainder of cooking time hands off. This leaves me plenty of time to do…

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    The Best Vegetarian Burrito Recipe

    If you are a vegetarian it is highly likely that one of your rotating staples is some form of Mexican cuisine. I know for me, since I stopped eating meat I have made black beans and rice a big part of my lunch and dinner menu staples. These ingredients are very versatile. I recently experienced creating a vegetarian burrito recipe that I am excited to share with you today. What I love most about this vegetarian burrito recipe: I love that I can make one batch of 10 burritos at a time and freeze the rest. This is meal prep at its finest. Side note, meal prep is tip #2…

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    The Best Vegetarian General Tso’s Cauliflower Recipe Hack

    If you used to eat meat but have made the transition to eating vegetarian chances are you might miss some of your old favorite dishes. For me, its the Chinese dish general tso’s chicken stir fry. So today I want to share a new recipe, vegetarian general tso’s cauliflower. This easy stir fry dish will fill that craving, I promise. A very healthy alternative. This recipe makes four servings and comes in at only 211 calories per serving. In case your wondering how I calculate that, I use the website Very Well Fit to calculate. For this recipe you can find the full nutritional breakdown here. That is amazing when…