• vegetarian burrito

    The Best Vegetarian Burrito Recipe

    If you are a vegetarian it is highly likely that one of your rotating staples is some form of Mexican cuisine. I know for me, since I stopped eating meat I have made black beans and rice a big part of my lunch and dinner menu staples. These ingredients are very versatile. I recently experienced creating a vegetarian burrito recipe that I am excited to share with you today. What I love most about this vegetarian burrito recipe: I love that I can make one batch of 10 burritos at a time and freeze the rest. This is meal prep at its finest. Side note, meal prep is tip #2…

  • general tso vegetarian cauliflower recipe

    The Best Vegetarian General Tso’s Cauliflower Recipe Hack

    If you used to eat meat but have made the transition to eating vegetarian chances are you might miss some of your old favorite dishes. For me, its the Chinese dish general tso’s chicken stir fry. So today I want to share a new recipe, vegetarian general tso’s cauliflower. This easy stir fry dish will fill that craving, I promise. A very healthy alternative. This recipe makes four servings and comes in at only 211 calories per serving. In case your wondering how I calculate that, I use the website Very Well Fit to calculate. For this recipe you can find the full nutritional breakdown here. That is amazing when…

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    Vegetarian Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

    I am excited to share with you my recipe for vegetarian cauliflower buffalo wings! Just this week I made the transition to being vegetarian, so I am trying out lots of new vegetarian recipes, and you can expect to see more on the blog. Cauliflower has become my new best friend as far as meat replacement goes. It is such a versatile vegetable to cook with and I must say that this dish really did fill me up. I recommend making vegetarian cauliflower buffalo wings for both an appetizer and for a main course. If you are also following a keto based diet, this recipe fits all of those marks…

  • Easy Green Salsa Verde Recipe

    Easy Green Salsa Verde Recipe

    I love making my own salsas, and this easy green salsa verde recipe is healthy, free from additives, food coloring and “natural ingredients” that you will find on the backs of many salsa labels in the grocery store. Making your own green salsa verde recipe at home is so easy and tastes way better than anything you will find in the grocery store. I am so excited to share with you my salsa recipe today. Disclosure: This page contains some affiliate links . Please know that I may receive a percentage or commission from a link included on this page, at no cost to you. I will only recommend a…

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    10 Easy Crockpot Dinner Recipes

    I don’t know about you, but I love easy crockpot dinner recipes. Making meals in my crockpot allows me to to have more time to do other errands, clean, get some exercise in, basically doing “all of the things” while a delicious meal is cooking. I love the set it and forget it mentality of crockpot dinners because it means more time to do other things while dinner cooks. If you are looking for easy crockpot dinner recipes than you are going to love this round up of my favorite 10 easy crockpot dinner recipes. 1. Pulled BBQ Chicken The first on the list is one of my go to…

  • Green smoothie

    Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

    Green smoothie lover? Me too!  I have tried a lot of smoothie recipes and I have perfected the ultimate green smoothie! But do feel free to be creative and make it your own based on what you like. Smoothies are the perfect meal replacement for a quick breakfast on the go, or post workout to refuel. I recommend adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder this recipe if consuming  post workout.  I would say the one part of this recipe not to skip is the pineapple. The pineapple in my opinion is what gives this recipe its goodness.  For the kale, you may substitute with spinach or even swiss chard.…

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    Winter Kale Salad Recipe

    In the middle of winter, post holiday we are all ready to get on the healthy train. Its time to swap out the heavy stews and casseroles for a healthy alternative. I have just the remedy, a winter kale salad recipe packed with nutrients. Kale has some astonishing health benefits. In fact here is a rundown of 10 Health Benefits of Kale. Ingredient List for Winter Kale Salad Recipe Kale Leaves, approximately two cups 1/4 of a cucumber, peeled and chopped One whole avocado A fourth cup of sunflower seeds, salted and roasted 1/4 a cup of parmesan cheese One small pink crisp apple, sliced and diced Ingredient List for…

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    A Rock Fish Recipe You Will Keep On Your Dinner Rotation

    Ready to spice up your weeknight dinner routine? Look no further than this delectable spicy rock fish recipe that will take on an otherwise bland fish dish to new heights. As a bonus, this dish is also low-carb. This recipe serves four people. I suggest pairing it with a side of broccoli, asparagus or a nice side salad. Ingredient List: 1 lb. of rockfish, cut into four fillets 2 eggs 3 tbsp. of fish sauce 1/2 cup of sliced almonds One tsp. of red chili flakes 1 tbsp. of white wine vinegar One whole jalapeño 1 scallion 3 tbsp. of olive oil (plus more for cooking) salt & pepper 2…

  • Purple slaw recipe

    Easy Purple Cabbage Slaw Recipe

    For the perfect side dish alongside pulled BBQ chicken or to enjoy on its own, follow this easy purple cabbage slaw recipe! It is simple, tasty and healthy. When people think of cabbage slaw recipes, you often think summer time food. But, I love making this delicious side dish year round. In fact I enjoy eating it all own its own. Ingredients For Cabbage Slaw: 1/2 a head of purple cabbage A large carrot – grated 1 cup of diced green onions One cup of olive oil 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar 1 tsp. of thyme 1/2 tsp. of salt 1/4 tsp. of pepper Step 1. Shred half a…

  • Pulled BBQ Chicken Crockpot Recipe

    Pulled BBQ Chicken – Crockpot

    What’s better than having a lazy Sunday at home while your dinner cooks for you in a crock pot? It doesn’t get much better than that. I personally love the “set it and forget it” mentality of cooking. This pulled BBQ chicken recipe is one that I keep in my rotation because it tastes delicious and requires very little hands on time. You can either eat it alone, or on a potato bun alongside cabbage slaw. Here is the recipe for my simple purple cabbage slaw recipe. Ingredients: 2 lbs. of chicken breast 1 yellow onion – diced 2 cups of BBQ sauce 1 cup of Italian dressing 1/2 tsp. of salt…