Blogging Recommendations

Blogging Recommendations, Resources & Affiliates


This page is a one stop overview of all of my blogging recommendations for helpful blogging resources. I showcase all of the resources that I have personally used or value and highly recommend.  This includes products, services, companies and affiliates that I truly believe in.

Disclosure: This page contains some affiliate links . Please know that I may receive a percentage or commission from a link included on this page, at no cost to you. I will only recommend a product or service that I have used or believe has substantial value to my readers.    

Hosting Blogging Recommendations:

Siteground (Affiliate) Siteground is the hosting site I use and I have been really happy with the service.  I explain the costs and how to sign up a bit more in depth in my step by step guide to Starting A Blog. 

WordPress Theme:

Ashe Pro (Affiliate) – I use the Ashe Pro WordPress theme for this blog. I started out with the free version, but then upgraded to the pro version which provides much more functionality.



MailerLite (Affiliate) is a great email platform to use. Best of all, it’s totally free up to your first 1000 email subscribers. What are you waiting for, start building that email list today.

Canva: Canva is a an awesome tool to use for making attractive Pinterest pins, Instagram images, newsletters, posters, etc. I use the free version. You can upload your own images to use with their free templates and free stock images.  There are images and templates to purchase which are relatively cheap, about $1 each.  

Blogging Platform:

WordPress:(Affiliate) WordPress is one of the largest website and blogging platforms in the world. It has over 60 million users! I started out using the free version and I found it was a great way to get introduced to the format and tools. 

Monthly Budget Tracker:

I like to track all my personal expenses each month so that I can be sure I pay bills on time, and that I am saving for retirement, vacations etc. Here is a link the exact spreadsheet I use called: Monthly Budget

For blogging only related expenses I use a different spreadsheet that I track money I take in from the blog and the expenses related to the blog. This is super important when it comes time to do blogging taxes. 12 Month Blogging Budget