Freelance writing

May 2019

Today’s edition of Blogger of the Month brings us to a personal finance themed blogger. I’m talking about Stephanie LaFlora of the blog Personal Finance in Your Twenties, or PFIY20’s for short.

Stephanie LaFlora

Stephanie’s blog has a cool clean aesthetic that I love. It’s very easy on the eyes, and gives you a calming feel as you scroll through and read various posts on budgeting, savings and even travel hacks!

In fact, Stephanie had reached out to me recently to guest post on PFINY20’s and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to do so. Check out that post here. Stephanie has also guest posted here on Plain Jane Lifestyle in which a piece was curated around other careers that have a better return on investment than traditional college, it’s called The Average Student Debt is Over 30k. Here’s 7 Alternatives to College That Have a Better ROI.

Stephanie, as you’ll soon learn more about has been operating PFIY20’s for only a few months, but has accomplished so much already. I appreciate Stephanie’s openness to reach out to collaborators and to also expand to opening an e-commerce store targeted at body positive bathing suites.

Now let’s get into the Q&A with Stephanie.

  1. Name: Stephanie LaFlora
  2. Name of your blog/website: Personal Finance in Your Twenties
  3. Names of your social media handles: Instagram: @pfiy20s
  4. Location: Boulder, CO USA
  5. What made you start your blog?  I didn’t grow up learning a lot about financial best practices. I learned the hard way. And a lot of my peers didn’t grow up with people in their lives planning for their financial future. So when I started to invest and save, I had a lot of friends start to ask me for advice. And when I was able to buy my first home, after only 1 year of setting a savings goal, the requests to chat started to increase. I decided to make the blog to share things I’ve learned with even more people.
  6. How long have you been blogging/operating your website? I just started this blog a few months ago, but I’ve been blogging and creating for over a decade.
  7. What has been the biggest surprise to you so far in your blogging journey? I was surprised by how welcoming the personal finance community is. When you think finance, you don’t always think of it as accessible.
  8. Do you blog part-time or full-time? I blog part time.
  9. If full-time, what was your prior career? If part-time, what do you do outside of blogging? I work as a marketer at a tech start up in Boulder, CO.
  10. Do you make money from your blog? I don’t make money from my blog at this time.
  11. What drives the most traffic to your blog? Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and Instagram. I get a little organic traffic and people from Quora.
  12. How many page views does your blog average per day?  I’m just getting started so not a lot. Under 100. I have another site (eCommerce, called that I have put a ton of energy into recently. Now my plan is to bridge a gap between the two.
  13. What has been your most successful post to date? My blog “15 Money Saving Hacks” did particularly well because I started using Quora to build backlinks and tap into a new community.
  14. What is coming up next for your blog? I really want to share about how to build an online business. Although I have not relied on this blog for income, I have built an eCommerce business and I want to build a how-to course for this blog. I really think bridging that gap will create the right narrative and give people new ideas.
  15. How often do you publish new content? My focus is more on quality than quantity right now. I want everything to anchor around a course. Then only publish content that really supports that learning.
  16. If you could give one piece of advice to other bloggers what would it be? Tap into communities!! There are so many great communities on Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Facebook Groups. Share your content, get advice and help promote other bloggers as often as you can and you’d be surprised at how supportive and creative they can be!