April 2019 Blogger of the Month


Today I am happy to welcome Wendy Ramirez of the blog Lovingly Bold as Plain Jane Lifestyle’s April 2019 Blogger of the Month.

Wendy resides in Dallas, Texas and started her blog at the very same time I started mine. I came across Wendy through Instagram and was blown away by her social media influence. As someone who was new to Instagram, and very confused with it when I started, I found Wendy to be very encouraging and engaging to her followers.

Wendy has an astounding audience of over 10,000 followers. She leverages her social media skills by offering 1:1 coaching and social media management packages to clients across the blogosphere. Check them all out here!

I enjoyed having Wendy on the blog and I hope you enjoy hearing about some of Wendy’s story through our Q&A below.

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Wendy Ramirez of the blog Lovingly Bold

Q&A with Wendy Ramirez

1. Name:

Wendy Ramirez

2. Name of your blog/website

Lovingly Bold

3. Names of your social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

You can find all my social medias by searching @lovinglybold

4. Location: City, State, Country

Dallas, Texas in the United States

5. What made you start your blog?

Lovingly Bold started off as a mental mantra to get me to accomplish the things in life that felt almost impossible. This epiphany opened doors for me which led me to the decision to start a blog that I could share with people who were craving more out of life too!

6. How long have you been blogging/operating your website?

Since October 2017!

7. What has been the biggest surprise to you so far in your blogging journey?

How supportive of a community there is online. Crazy to think that strangers can be some of your biggest supporters!

8. Do you blog part-time or full-time?

Right now it has been really part-time but I am looking to go more full-time here soon.

9. If full-time, what was your prior career? If part-time, what do you do outside of blogging?

I was working as one of the managers for Sephora. Recently though, my position was eliminated which left me without a job. Because of this I took the leap to finally start my business in freelance Social Media Management! My degree is in Marketing so it was about time.

10. Do you make money from your blog? If so, what has been your best source of revenue?

I am but at the moment it is very minimum through social media freelancing.

11. What drives the most traffic to your blog?

For me most of my traffic comes from Instagram and Pinterest!

12. How many page views does your blog average per day?

Right now I average about 25-50 page views.

13. What has been your most successful post to date?

My social media posts do very well but the one that I made in regards to Instagram’s launch of IGTV has been the best. Many people found this super helpful and it was also one of my trendiest pins on Pinterest.

14. What is coming up next for your blog?

This year I decided to get more intentional with Lovingly Bold so I could serve value to help others! You can expect to see loads more in regards to social media and intentional lifestyle (living more purposefully) as well as travel!

15. How often do you publish new content?

My goal is to post once a week. People always find that I am always posting loads of content on my social which is all linked to my blog too!

16. If you could give one piece of advice to other bloggers what would it be?

View your website as your hub where you direct your audience to. It is the one thing that no one can take away from you! If social media disappeared one day your website would still be standing.