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Thank you for stopping by the about Plain Jane Lifestyle page! I am so happy to have you here on the blog.

I started this blog in 2017 as a creative outlet to write about lifestyle topics, with a heavy focus on travel!

I went to college to be a broadcast journalist. That’s right. I was a broadcast journalism major, and I loved it.

Upon graduation, I never found an entry level job in journalism. Even though, I never did work professionally as a an on-air personality, I have always loved journalism, the news and especially writing.

One of my passions is traveling and seeing new places and trying new restaurants all around the USA and beyond!

I call Portland, Oregon my home and have been here since 2012. My husband and I drove cross country from Vermont without ever stepping foot in Oregon before. I fell in love immediately.

Me and my dog Merle at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast.

Portland is such a magical place. The people are friendly, the food scene, especially the coffee is out of this world!

You will see a lot of blog posts dedicated to the pacific northwest. I enjoy writing about Seattle and of course Portland. I have a lot of blog posts about Portland’s restaurants, coffee shops as well as day trips .

That’s the cool thing about living in Portland, the location is ideal.

In less than two hours you can be at the Oregon coast, the cute skiing paradise of Bend, OR and one of my favorite towns Hood River. Which is a cute ski bum town that sits on the Columbia River, and at the base of Mt. Hood.

Since starting this blog in 2017 I have I have been able to use my blog as a writing portfolio platform to help me obtain freelance writing gigs where I write hotel reviews in various cities in the United States.

My writing has taken me on travels to Denver, Colorado, Bend, Oregon, New York City and San Francisco (twice).

Me visiting Seattle and checking out the magnificent Space Needle

Along the way I have also started documenting and writing how-to articles on how to start a blog, how to install WordPress, how to get hosting, and more. I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned about blogging with others.

My hope is that when you visit Plain Jane Lifestyle you learn something new!

Whether that is gaining insight on how to start a blog, learning about things to do while traveling to a specific city, or how to budget better, learn a new recipe or find the latest fashion trends.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, it really means so much to me!


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