How To Make An Extra Thousand Dollars A Month

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2021)

Are you looking for ways to earn extra money to payoff debt? How about to increase your savings account? Either way making additional income via a side hustle can help you meet your financial goals. Today I will help answer the question “how to make an extra thousand dollars a month”.

#1 – Freelance Writing

I put freelance writing as the number one way to make an extra $1,000 a month because I think it is one of the most versatile side hustles around. There are so many opportunities available for beginner writers as well as seasoned pros.

I love that you can do this side hustle from anywhere that has a WiFi signal. That means you can make money in your PJ’s from home. Who doesn’t love that?

To get started check out this list of 25 Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs as well as How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs. Both of these lists contain opportunities to make money with your writing. They range from paid guest post articles on blogs, magazines, newspapers and copy writing freelance opportunities.

The first money I ever made online was from freelance writing.

My roadmap to freelance writing started with a company called Arrivedo. Arrivedo hires writers to write travel content articles for the hospitality industry. Once accepted as an Arrivedo writer you need to do the legwork of pitching your services to hotels.

I was successful with writing content for five hotels. Two in San Francisco, one in New York, Los Angeles, Denver and Bend, Oregon. Sometimes I negotiated monetary payment and other times I accepted free hotel stays in exchange for my writing.

While I really enjoyed writing travel content pieces for Arrivedo I stopped pitching once the pandemic hit. My last freelance piece with Arrivedo was for the Row Hotel in New York City. This was published in February 2020. However in the future I may pick this up again because I enjoy travel centered writing so much.

I recommend keeping Arrivedo in your back pocket as a future avenue to make some extra money and get free hotel stays once the pandemic is over.

That’s me enjoying the view on my trip to NYC in February 2020.

How much money can you make with freelance writing?


#2 – Grocery Shopper

The need for personal grocery shoppers via Insta Cart and Shipt has exploded during the pandemic. For those that are older or people that have underlying health conditions, the thought of going shopping in person can be a scary thing with Covid-19 present.

For that reason people have flocked to ordering groceries online and having them delivered to their homes.

How much money can you make by being an Insta Cart shopper?

According to an article from the Huffington Post, Insta cart shoppers can earn $20 per hour or more depending on tips. That means if you only work 15 hours per week that you could bring in approximately $300 before taxes. In one money you could earn upwards of $1000 depending on your hours worked and tips.

#3 – Sell Photography

These days nearly everyone has a cell phone in their back pocket. So it has never been easier to capture that beautiful sunrise or stunning flower. But don’t just let those pictures build up storage space on your phone, sell them and earn extra money.

Selling photography may be one of the easiest ways to answer the question – how to make an extra thousand dollars a month? Because it is super easy to do.

Here are some great platforms to sell your photography to and make money.

If you currently have a blog than you may consider adding the WooCommerce plugin to your website and adding an online shop where you can sell your photos.

I personally have one. I sell mostly flat lay stock images that are best suited for bloggers, copy writers and social media gurus. Check out my store here.

The best part about selling a digital product is that you don’t need to worry about shipping physical products to people. Instead its a super easy process of taking a digital order and allowing the customer to download the product.

#4 – Work From Anywhere As A Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy the flexibility of a remote position you might want to take a look at the open positions with the company Zirtual.

Zirtual is looking for applicants based in the United States for administrative remote jobs such as executive assistant, project management, consultants and advisors.

You can earn anywhere from $20 per hour to a base salary of $80,000 depending on the position.

Other places to look for virtual assistant opportunities are:

#5 Social Media Manager

Do you have a knack for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Pinterest? A lot of small businesses don’t have the time or the know how to be great at utilizing all of these channels.

This is where you come in. If you are skilled in building an audience, engaging with an audience or driving traffic via Facebook than you should consider selling your skills to potential small businesses.

This is a way to work for yourself and to pitch your skills directly to potential businesses. When introducing yourself explain how you can help their business and what skills you have.

Let them know of your prices up front and then agree upon what you will deliver for them.

how to make an extra thousand dollars per month

How to make an extra thousand dollars a month as a social media manager?

Being a social media manager or consultant can easily net you $1000 per month. Most independent social media manager’s offer levels of services.

For example, a social media manager may offer potential clients an option between three offerings.

  • Level 1
    • $500 per month
    • Social Media Audit
    • 3 hours per week spent on social media
    • Post 3 times on 2 social media networks
  • Level 2
    • $750 per month
    • Social media audit
    • 5 hours per week spent on social media
    • Post 5 times per week on 3 social media platforms
  • Level 3
    • $1000 per month
    • Social media audit
    • 8 hours per week spent on social media
    • Post 8 times per week on 5 social media platforms

You get the idea. You will want to create a nice pdf plan to be able to attach to an inquiry email when you are introducing yourself to various businesses.

A great place for creation that is completely free is In Canva you have access to a ton of customization options from pretty templates, layouts, free stock images and more.

Social Media Consultants Have High Earning Potential

Not only is this a great way to earn extra money each month, but it could potentially grow into a full time new career for you. A social media consultant can expect an average salary of $51,428/year!

The best part is this career can be really flexible. If you only focus on Instagram, that’s okay. Sell yourself as a niche consultant specifically for Instagram and run with it.

Remember, you don’t have to great in every category to see success.

how to make an extra thousand dollars in a month.

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