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Cities That Will Pay You To Relocate

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

The year of 2020 brought a lot of challenges. With the coronavirus pandemic we saw businesses adapt to remote work quickly. Many zoom meetings ensued. If you were lucky enough to have a job that enabled you to work from home you may have started to wonder if you could work from anywhere. If you work for a company that has changed its work model to a permanent remote business you should consider moving to one of these cities that will pay you to relocate.

#1 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is offering remote workers to relocate in exchange for $10,000. In 2018 a program called Tulsa Remote began to attract self-employed people to move to Tulsa.

CBS Sunday Morning New Clip of Tulsa Remote

Since 2018 a total of 375 people have made the leap to relocate to Tulsa. Some of the most attractive aspects of this city is the low cost of living. The media price of a home here is $175,000. Compare that to that national average of $247,000 according to Business Insider.

#2 – Alaska Cities That Will Pay You To Relocate

You can move anywhere in the state of Alaska and get paid to be there. Perhaps one of the longest running benefits of being an Alaska resident is the annual payments residents receive from oil royalties.

Since 1976 Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend program has been a perk that its residents look forward to receiving every year. The amount fluctuates each year depending on the oil production. For example in 2018 residents received payments of $1,600.

#3 – Alabama

Alabama has a program called Remote Shoals. This area encompasses four different cities that will pay you to relocate. They include Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals.

This area allows for an easy two hour drive to the major cities of Birmingham, AL, Nashville, TN and Memphis, TN.

By moving here you will receive $10,000 and you will enjoy the low cost of living.

The requirements to apply to this program are a bit more strict.

  • You must make a minimum salary of $52,000
  • Be able to move to the Shoals area within six months of being accepted
  • Your job must be with a full-time employer outside of the Shoals area
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

#4 – Santiago, Chile

If you are looking for an international experience outside of the United States, than you may want to consider Santiago, Chile. The program is called Start-Up Chile and it is specifically looking for tech entrepreneurs to relocate. In exchange you get up to $78,000 USD for an equity free investment to pursue your business venture.

#5 – Albinen, Switzerland

This small european village named Albinen is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. In my research for this article I came across some old information from 2018 about a program that would pay people up to $25,000 to move to the tiny town of Albinen, Switzerland according to the newspaper USA Today.

The requirements to apply are very strict. You must be younger than 45 years old to start. Next you must purchase a property that is worth 200,000 swiss francs and you must agree to live there for 10 years. If you leave before the required timeline you must pay back the incentive money you initially received.

In my research for writing this article I found that this program in Albinen, Switzerland began in late 2017. I wanted to know if this program still existed but had a hard time getting confirmation from online sources.

So I decided to email the local municipality office of Albinen, Switzerland directly to in inquire. I am still awaiting a response.

#6 – Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln, Kansas is one of the small cities that will pay you to relocate in the United States. The offer on the table for this city comes in the form of free land to those that relocate. While this is not a straight monetary gift to newcomers is is a cool incentive.

While the land is free the cost of building a home is on your shoulders. For full details refer to this website live

#7 – Newton, Iowa

If you select Newton, Iowa as your new home base you will greeted with a fantastic welcoming package. The Newton Housing Initiative program provides anyone who buys a new house in Newton, Iowa valued at $180K will receive $10,000!

In Conclusion

If you don’t have the type of job that allows you to be remote, perhaps its time to look into one. I recommend trying to start up a side hustle by freelance writing or even one of these remote jobs. In addition, I think that the trend of remote work will continue in the future. As a lot of businesses can cut expenses that they used to pay for employees such as internet, electricity, etc. Keep your eyes out for future remote options on job sites such as and

cities that will pay you to relocate

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