reasons your blog is not doing well

11 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Doing Well

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

If you recently started a blog, or you’ve been at it for a year or so and you are not seeing the results that other bloggers are claiming it starts to get you thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” As someone that has been blogging for over three years, I have made lots of mistakes and learned a lot. I am writing today’s post to help you not make the same mistakes I did so your blog can flourish. Below I have listed the 11 reasons why your blog is not doing well, and how to fix it.

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#1 – You are not posting on Pinterest at the right time.

We have all heard that Pinterest is the number one best place for bloggers to receive traffic. That is not surprising. But what might surprise you is how important it is to post a new post on Pinterest at the correct time.

Trust me and pay attention to this one. There is a a reason why I listed this as one of the number one reasons why your blog is not doing well.

I recently had my lightbulb moment in this area.

After blogging for over three years, this past year has been a major one in terms of my blog traffic and overall growth. In the Spring of 2020 I got focused on publishing a new blog post every week. I also started to be more consistent with pinning brand new pins on Pinterest more frequently.

But the single most important thing that has made a difference in my blog traffic from Pinterest has been pinning a brand new pin to the board with the most impressions at the most optimal time.

In the past I was not paying attention enough to the importance of timing. Instead I was just making sure I was pinning enough, creating new pins and doing this on rinse and repeat.

But just recently I was pinning late one night and I was surprised to see that I got over 400 views in one day from my pins that I created and published late at night, around 9:00pm vs. pinning them with the Pinterest free scheduler throughout the day.

Screenshot of page views from my blog. Normally around 90 -150 per day, but when pinned at the right time they climbed to 300-400.

But how do you know what the right time of day is to publish?

You should experiment with your blog and test pinning brand new pins to a few boards at different times of the day and then track your page views received during that time.

But put yourself in the user’s shoes. When do YOU look at Pinterest? Chances are most of the time is downtime right before you go to bed. Late night pinning seems to be the BEST time to pin.

If you are not planning pins late at night chances are this is one of the top reasons why your blog is not doing well.

Try Pinning Between 8:00pm-10:00pm at Night

If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your blog you must do this.

Google Analytics is a wealth of information. The numbers don’t lie. It will show you what content is performing well. You can even drill down to specific pins you have pinned to find out which ones are doing well.

#2 – You don’t understand user intent.

Understanding what your target audience wants is critical to a successful blog. This means value to your reader. Plain and simple. If you don’t offer value, why is someone going to continue to read your post, or come back to your website time and time again. (You want those return visitors!).

Put yourself in your readers shoes. What are they learning from reading your blog. Are you offering inside travel tips as a native local from said destination? Are you a social media guru who has found the secret to success with growing a following? Are you a home chef that has created simple recipes targeted at busy parents that take less than 30 minutes to make?

You get the idea. Once you have figured out how to help solve a problem of some sort your blog will become more valuable. Do this and your audience will grow.

Remember, certain niches perform better.

I have a lifestyle blog. That means I write about anything from travel, recipes, money, home decor and other topics. I have found that my best performing blog posts are ones that have to do with money.

Whether its a how-to pay off debt post or a how-to retire early post. If it has to do with money it does well for me. I think this works because it is a broad topic. Who doesn’t want to lean about personal finance? It relates to everyone.

Do More of What Works

If you have a broad focus that is okay. But do pay attention to what readers are gravitating to. It will signal the direction you should go if you want to build your blog business.

#3 – Your font is too small.

This may sound silly but if you have a font that is too small or too difficult to read your readers will click away fast. Instead, pick a font that is easy to read. That means no cursive, as pretty as that may be. Cursive is okay for one word to stand out, but not for an entire blog post.

To fix this in WordPress first you need to click on “Appearance” and then “customize”.

Screenshot of WordPress dashboard.

Next you will click on “Typography”.

Screenshot of custom settings

From here you will be brought to another panel where you can choose from hundreds of different fonts. But its not only the fonts you can change, but you can also select the line height, letter spacing and more.

Screen shot of font setting options in WordPress
Screen shot of some of the font choices

As you can see the customization options for font type and spacing are plentiful. You want to focus on an easy on the eyes text. This small tweak will make readers want to stick around and read more.

#4 – Too many pop-ups.

Have you ever clicked on a Pinterest pin that brings you to a new website and all of the sudden you are flooded with pop-ups? Not a good impression. If someone is visiting your website for the first time, chances are they have no idea what your website is all about.

Don’t place a pop-up on your site immediately. I suggest giving it a delayed 10-15 seconds.

I use MailerLite (affiliate) for my email list. I do have a pop-up that comes up only once requesting you to sign up for my monthly newsletter. In exchange you get three free stock images. I also place a sign up form on the left side bar.

Running ads?

I am a fan of passive income such as running ads to make money. You will see some on this very blog post. I personally don’t mind some ads, but I think we can all agree if there are too many it can very distracting and will make you want to leave one’s website fast.

Once in a while view your website from a visitors perspective. If you feel like there are too many ads you can adjust settings with Google Adsense (if you are using that).

#5 – You are not consistent with creating new content.

Another one of the reasons why your blog is not doing well is perhaps a lack of fresh new content. I know how hard it is to keep coming up with a new blog post idea week after week. But if you don’t provide new tips, ideas, solutions or compelling stories than why would someone come back?

To fix this, consider bringing in other writers to guest post.

Guest posting is a great way to add content to your blog without you having to spend the time writing. In exchange the guest poster gets to publish content on other channels furthering their reach. It is a win win.

Make sure that all content from a guest poster has NOT been published elsewhere on the web. You don’t want to have duplicated content on other websites. You want unique new tips and stories to make your blog original.

#6 – You Are Trying To Do Everything

We all can’t be great at promoting on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google SEO. If you are trying to do all of these things you will not be able to succeed, its just too much to focus on and instead of doing them all excellent, they will all be just okay.

Personally, I only focus on Pinterest and Google SEO. I do this because for me these are the top traffic sources. I have tried Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and I admit I am not an expert in those areas.

I only have so much time. For me it is most valuable being put towards the biggest return on investment for my blog.

Take a look at all of your traffic sources. Pick the top two areas that are performing best for you and focus even more on those. If you have Instagram bringing you lots of referral traffic, that is great. Keep going with it.

#7 – Your Not Planning Ahead

As I touched on earlier, content creation can be a challenge. But if you draft blog post ideas and even write some of them ahead of schedule you will never miss your publishing goals.

I recommend publishing a brand new blog post once a week. Once a week is a doable goal for most people.

#8 – Your Blog Posts Are Too Short

I can’t emphasize the importance of writing long form blog posts enough. The best performing blog posts are between 2,000-3,000 words.

Google has shown that it values longer form content more than short articles. The longer the post, the more information it holds and the more apt readers will save that content and return to it because it is helpful.

Longer posts equal more money.

Longer posts are also better for your income. Think about it, the longer someone stays on your website, the more money you will make from ad revenue.

#9 – Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

Often times in the blogging world we constantly comparing ourselves with other bloggers. You will see others that started a blog a year before you but are receiving double the traffic. You will also see bloggers who just started two months ago and are already making money.

Don’t compare yourself, we all have our own path. It can feel discouraging to keep looking at other blogs and get frustrated with your own growth. Don’t do that. Its self-sabotage.

Instead focus on your blog and its purpose. I truly believe if you stick with it and work hard you can reach your goals no matter what.

The Truth Is, Blogging Is Not An Overnight Success

I would be lying to you if I told you that you would be successful with a blog overnight or even in one year. Does it happen? Sure. But I don’t want to claim that as a reality for everyone. That will only create frustration.

If you venture into this blogging world go into with the mindset that it as a hobby. With that hobby, set a goal of growing its reach and profits.

#10 – Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Build relationships with other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to give someone a follow if you like their content. Invite them to guest post and collaborate on a new article.

I personally believe that the Pinterest platform will gain a better understanding of your content based not on only what you pin but also whom you follow. I think the Pinterest algorithm takes into consideration everything we view and pin. I can’t prove that, but its my theory at the moment.

#11 – Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself

What I mean by this is that you should always continue to learn and take courses, read articles and adapt to new Pinterest algorithm changes or other social media updates.

I know that when you start a blog the thought of spending more money on ebooks can feel out of reach. Personally, I have purchased a handful of ebooks and it can be frustrating to feel like some are NOT worth it. But on the flip side there are others that really are worth it.

Now That You have Read 11 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Doing Well

It is time to take action and set yourself up for blogging success. I still stand by my number one tip posting at the right time. If you do nothing else, at least focus on that for promoting content and it will help tremendously. Happy Blogging!


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