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How To Profit From Selling Your Closet

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2020)

As we approach the end of 2020 and are looking ahead at 2021 its a good time to clean out your closet. But instead of tossing those pants that don’t fit, why not make a profit? These are the best ways to sell your clothes online and make money.

Forget Spring Cleaning & Do It Now

You never need to wait for Spring to do an official clean out of your closet. In fact its good to look over your closet seasonally and review each item to identify it is worthy of your coveted space. If not, its time to sell it.

How To Determine If An Item Is Worth Keeping or Selling?

If you live in an area where the seasons change, it is of course okay to have your cold weather wardrobe and your warm weather collection of clothing. That goes without saying. But how do you determine if you should really part with an item? Follow these tips to help you decide if an item should stay or go.

#1 – Does it fit?

If it doesn’t fit, than get rid of it. Don’t hold on to a piece of clothing hoping you will loose ten pounds. Just get rid of it. It is taking up space in your closet, and you are not going to wear it. Only keep items that fit.

#2 – Do you love it?

If someone gifted you a blouse that you just hate and hardly wear than it has to go. Only keep pieces that make you happy.

#3 – How Frequently Do You Wear This?

Aside from seasonal items don’t hang on to that bridesmaid dress you wore once and will NEVER wear again. Instead put that in your sell pile. Have items with the dreaded store tags still on them? Its time to say goodbye.

#4 – Is it damaged?

If an item is torn or stained you should get rid of it. You won’t be able to sell damaged clothing for a profit but you can recycle those pieces. Here are some great resources for recycling your damaged clothing:

  • American Textile Recycling Service
  • Recycle Now – This website will help you find clothing recycle drop off bins in the area you live.
  • Terra Cycle – This company will send you a cardboard box that you can place your clothes in and mail away. This service costs $123 dollars. But you can feel good about recycling your clothes and not sending them to the landfill.
  • Recycle Bank – Did you know that natural fiber clothing such as cotton can be composted? Its true. Just be sure to remove any zippers or buttons before donating.

Where To Sell Your Clothes

Now that you have weeded through your closet and have made the important decisions of what you want keep, recycle and what you want to sell its time to focus on the pile to sell.

How To Sell Clothes Online For Money With Thread-Up

Thread-Up will send you a pre-stamped labeled plastic bag that you fill with clothes you want to sell. Once they receive your bag they will sort through and decide how much they will pay you for your clothing items.

Poshmark – With Poshmark you simply take a picture of the item you want to sell and upload it to the Poshmark website. Once sold Poshmark will mail you a shipping bag envelope and prepaid postage to package your item.

ASOS – This is a British based online shop platform that allows you to set up a store and sell your clothing items online. You will need a Paypal business account to get set up. They will also take 10% of all sales.

Ebay – One of the oldest online selling websites is still much alive and a greta platform for selling literally anything. With ebay customers can make a bid of how much they are willing to pay for an item.

Enjoy Your Thrifty Savings

Once you have successfully cleaned out your closet and donated, recycled and sold items you can sit back and enjoy your decluttered closet and your profits.

Save the money for a rainy day or re-invest it in new or used clothing items if need. If you want to find other ways to save money read my article on money saving tips to take action on now. Finding hacks to cut expenses and save money is really addicting.

The Marie Condo Effect

From the best selling author of all things organization, Marie Condo would be proud of your closet clean out. Buy simply organizing and minimizing your closet wardrobe you will also be de-stressing your life each morning when you wake up.

Going through the exercise of weeding out unwanted clothing from your wardrobe will also bring a sense of calm to your daily routine.

– Plain Jane Lifestyle

I don’t know about you but every time I open up my closet doors to a mess it stresses me out. When my closet is organized it helps me start the day on the right path.

Think Twice Before Adding More Clothes

Once you have gone through the process or decluttering, selling clothes and donating you will naturally think twice before making new purchases. When you consider the fact that the United States alone sends 21 billion pounds of textile waste to the landfill each year it is far better for the environment to purchase clothing second hand through those same sites that you may have sold to, Poshmark and Thread-Up.

Spread the Word

Next time one of your family members of friends asks how to sell clothes online for money you will be able to point them in the right direction.


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