Tailwind Review: Scheduled Pins vs. Manual Pins

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

Scheduled content via Tailwind versus manually pinning. It is a question I believe most bloggers have pondered. That includes me. Over the past year I have signed up for Tailwind tried it for a short time and then bailed. But so many bloggers swear by it. Maybe I was doing something wrong? In the fall of 2020 I decided once an for all to test the scheduled pinning methods compared to manually pinning. Here is my honest Tailwind Review.

The Tailwind Plan I Chose

I selected to use Tailwind’s unlimited pinning feature that allowed me to schedule as many pins as I wanted at a time. Although to be honest you shouldn’t be pinning more than 30 pins per day according to Pinterest’s new best practices for 2020. So although an unlimited pinning options sounds wonderful, I don’t believe it is needed.

Along with the ability to pin unlimited pins, I also added a bonus: Tribes Power Up. For those of you that don’t know what “Tailwind Tribes” are, they act basically like a Pinterest Group Board. Except for the fact that each tribe has rules.

For example, some tribes may ask that for every pin you add to the tribe you must then share one pin of someone else’s content. Or two pins for each pin you add. Those are the most popular requirements I have seen. Either a 1:1 ratio or a 1:2 ratio.

I had read so many good things about Tailwind Tribes. I figured this was my fast track to some quick blog traffic.

But to be honest with you it is not.

With my Tribes Power Up feature I was able to submit up to 200 pins to an unlimited amount of tribes per month. Now this sounds like a good idea, except for the pitfall that this takes up a lot of time. Also when you are a member of sooooo many tribes it means that your content schedule of “pins to publish” will start to fill up very fast with other bloggers content.

This sounds selfish, but if you are a blogger hoping to create a business, you need to be blogging more or your own content, not others.

Tailwind Review Results

My experiment with Tailwind lasted for two months. I opened my account on October 1st and let it run until November 30th. I had heard that you need to give Tailwind longer than just a free trial to see its true potential. A free trial usually equates to 100 pin submissions. If you are pinning 25 pins per day, that means your free trial with Tailwind is satisfied after only 4 days.

In the past I was very finicky with Tailwind and when I didn’t get results right away I bailed. Meaning,…after my free trial expired. Or after giving it only one month try.

But this time around, I decided to test for longer. I think that two whole months of trying Tailwind is a fair amount of time to see if this really works or not.

The reason is that by the time two months is over, your content should be getting scheduled out from all of the people that repined some of your content from the tribes that you belong to.

Below Is A Screen Shot Of My Traffic From Tailwind

Screenshot of total referral traffic from 10/1 – 11/30

According to Google Analytics my total referrals from using Tailwind accounted for only 20 visitors of the course of two months!

This was very disappointing to me. Before writing this Tailwind review I thought that Tailwind would have been different for me this time around.

But the truth is that when I started to focus on manual pinning methods I gained so much traffic, and the best part is that I don’t have to pay for a scheduler!

This Is How To Check Your Results

  1. Be sure to have Google Analytics installed
  2. Click on “Acquisition”
  3. Next select “All Traffic”
  4. Then “Referrals”
  5. Adjust your date range in the top right had corner for whichever dates you want to see.

My Recommendation, What’s Next?

My Tailwind review concluded that you should save your money. You don’t need to pay for a scheduler to be successful in getting blog traffic. In my experience manual pinning will help you understand the Pinterest platform better than if you are only using Tailwind, in my opinion.

I like many bloggers would love to have the most amount of traffic in the quickest way possible. However, I can honestly say that I have personally not found a benefit with Tailwind.

Did You Know Pinterest Has A Free Scheduler?

It’s true, Pinterest has it’s own scheduler. The only difference between the Tailwind publisher and the Pinterest scheduler is how far out you are allowed to schedule content. For Tailwind you can pretty much schedule all of your content out for as long as you want.

But with the Pinterest scheduler you can only schedule out at most two weeks. But the fact that you can still schedule content, for FREE is awesome in my mind.

Final Thoughts On My Tailwind Review

I encourage you to try different strategies to see what works for you. I know there are bloggers that swear that Tailwind has helped them increase traffic. If that is the case for you too, I think that is great!

For me, I want to keep my costs very low with running my blog. At the same time, I know that investing in yourself and your blog is key to success. So, don’t be afraid to purchase an ebook to invest in your own education of blogging growth. In the past I have probably purchased five different ebooks about blog growth and traffic. Some are more helpful than others but I have to say with each one I have taken something helpful away.

Just to show you exactly what I mean, look at this screen shot below of my monthly blog traffic. I only had at most 500 visitors per month for two years! But then after implementing manual pinning methods my blog traffic shot up to 7000 visitors per month, and has NEVER gone below 3000!

Plain Jane Lifestyle Monthly Traffic Statistics

Of course I am working on growing that, but I know it takes time.

My thought is that when you pick a strategy…any strategy when you had previously been doing nothing, you will get increased engagement. I know that if you commit to creating at least 5 pins per day and pinning at relatively the same time everyday you WILL have increased traffic, followers and engaged visitors.


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