How To Fix The WordPress Warning: Advanced-Cache-Php Already Exists

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2020)

Hello fellow bloggers! Today’s post is written with you in mind. I recently logged into wordpress and encountered a major error. I want to show you how to fix the wordpress warning: Advanced-Cache-Php Already Exists.

If you would rather watch a how-to video instead of reading these instructions, scroll to the bottom. I have created a how-to video for fixing the WordPress warning: advanced cache php already exists.

Often times when starting a blog, we don’t anticipate all of things we need to know to keep our blogs running smoothly. I recently encountered an issue with wordpress that stopped me blogging in my tracks.

So, I decided to write a how-to post so that others who may run into this same issue can find a quick solution. The error message I got when I logged into my WordPress site through Siteground, (my hosting platform, yes I am also an affiliate for it) read:

Warning! The file /home/plainjanelifestyle/public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache php already exists. Please manually delete the plugin. If you continue to have issues please contact your hosting support.

Wordpress warning Advanced-Cache-Php Already Exists
Screenshot taken from my laptop with the error message in WordPress Advanced-Cache-Php Already Exists

The most frustrating part of receiving this error is that wordpress was essentially frozen

The good news is there is a solution, and you don’t have to be an IT wiz to fix it yourself. This took me a lot of trial and error and researching online, looking for helpful tips in my hosting platform Siteground, and finally I was able to fix the error. Now I will share with you all.

Here is how you fix the wordpress warning Advanced-Cache-Php Already Exists.

I am going to explain how to fix this error via the hosting platform I use, which is Siteground. However, the fix should be similar if you have an alternative hosting platform.

Step #1

Login to your hosting platfrom, for me that is Siteground. Click on the orange colored box in the upper right hand corner titled cPanel. For other hosting platforms, just look for your cPanel area of your website.

Step #2

Click on your “File Manger” folder. In Siteground you need to scroll halfway down the page and the folder icon is located on the left side of the page. In this screen shot the folder icon appears that it is on the bottom of the page, but that is just because I could only screen shot part of the page. There is actually more icons below it.

Step #3

Click on the “public_html” folder located on the left side of the screen.

Step #4

Click the folder that says wp-content.

Step #5

Within this folder you will find, most likely at the bottom a php file that says wp-cahe-config-php. Right click and delete it.

Step #6

Log out of your hosting platform and then reopen your website. Now you should be able to login and work within WordPress, as you normally would without an error message.

If you prefer to watch how its done, watch my how-to video below.


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