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How to Turn Your Small Porch Into an Outdoor Oasis

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2020)

Your home is your sanctuary. Its where you find comfort, share meals and spend time with family and friends. A place to get away from the chaos that can consume our world. Today I want to show you how to take advantage of using a small porch to create a peaceful retreat.

To create the sanctuary of your dreams I believe you need to bring some of the indoors outside. What I mean is incorporate comforts of indoor living like throw pillows, rugs, lighting, plants and decor to the outdoors.

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My husband and I bought our first home last year. Since that time our small back porch sat completely empty for over a year. As the weather started to warm here in the pacific northwest, I was craving to furnish the small porch. I wanted to make it a happy place to take in the morning sunshine over some coffee.

Here is what the patio looked like before the makeover.

Here is what the patio looks like after the makeover:

Tip #1 – Create Privacy if You Have None

As you can see from the before pictures above the small porch offered absolutely no privacy to our neighbors. One of the first things that I wanted to add to this space to feel comfortable was a privacy barrier.

I decided to add some bamboo fencing around the parameter of the balcony. I secured it with some zip ties and it has held up very well.

Bamboo added for privacy.

Some other cool ideas I considered that would have also worked are listed below.

Standing metal partitions like those shown below from Pottery Barn. As well as bamboo fencing or even an artificial pants in the form of a vine fence.

Tip #2 Add A Place to Sit

For my small space I decided on a small bistro table and two chairs. I did this because I wanted to be able to have meals outdoors. This made the most sense for what I wanted.

But its all what you would get the most use out of. If your goal is to lounge with a good book, I suggest a lounge chair.

Here are my picks for seating options:

Tip #3 Add Comfort with Outdoor Pillows & Rugs

To begin, not only are pillows and a soft rug comfortable, but they are also opportunities to add color. Throw pillows and an area rug work well outside. Today there are many options for purchasing outdoor friendly rugs and pillows.

I suggest these two pillows and small outdoor rug from Ikea. Because both items are cute and affordable. I am really happy that there are budget friendly pieces available.

Funkon Back Cushion, indoor/outdoor Ikea pillow $7.99

The small rug I recommend only costs $9.99 and each pillow is only $7.99 each! These items are a steal! They are also affordable and for that reason you won’t worry about breaking the budget.

Sommar 2020 Rug Flat-woven indoor/outdoor rug from Ikea $9.99

I like the idea of having an outdoor rug because if your outdoor space is anything like mine, it is a bit weathered. Mine has some wood pieces that stick up and could cause a splinter. The rug would actually help prevent that from happening.

Lastly, I also love how the rug and pillows give a pop of color to the porch. My advice is to go for bright happy colors.

While you can see for my actual pictures I went with blue stripped pillows (also an Ikea buy), I do think that bright colors instantly make you happy.

Tip #4 Add Greenery with Plants

Incorporating plants to a small space is a nice way to add additional privacy. It also is a great opportunity to grow vegetables, herbs or just enjoy pretty flowers for added decor.

Socker Plant pot with Holder $7.99 Ikea

I recommend purchasing these small hanging planters from Ikea. The two color options in stock are blue and pink. But no matter what you decide on the important part is adding some greenery. I believe plants and flowers five the space a pretty aesthetic.

Tip #5 Add Lighting Ambiance

I am a big fan of bistro lights and candles. I just love the look of pretty string lights. While I personally haven’t purchased any bistro lights for my small patio (yet), I did add a nice candle for some serene ambiance.

In Conclusion – Time to Enjoy Your Small Porch Oasis

I hope you feel inspired to create your own outdoor oasis. Remember you can use these tips for any type of space you have, even a front entry. Ever since I gave my small porch a makeover I have been using it everyday. It has been such a nice relaxing retreat to hear the birds chirping, feel the sun on my face and enjoy my coffee first thing in the morning.


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