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Swap Out Traditional Beauty Essentials For One Of These Non-Toxic Beauty Make-Up Options

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)

There are so many reasons to swap out traditional beauty products for non-toxic make-up & skincare options. First of all , with non-toxic beauty products you can be assured that there is no testing on animals.

Secondly, when you make the switch to non-toxic make-up & skincare products you can be assured that all ingredients are natural and free from harsh chemicals.

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Did you know that your over the counter make up could contain things like phthalates? Phthalates are chemicals that may be disruptive to the endocrine system that is responsible for hormone production.

If that isn’t scary enough, some traditional beauty products also contain lead, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and parabens. The website, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics breaks down the science behind why some of these chemicals are hazardous in the first place.

To help you make the swap from traditional beauty products to one of these non toxic beauty make up-products that are also cruelty free, I have scoured the web to find the top options for you that are safe for your skin and health also work really well.

#1 Non-Toxic Make-up Foundation – Beauty Counter Tint Hydrating Foundation

One of the most highly recommended toxic-free and cruelty free foundations on the market comes from Beauty Counter. The Tint Hydrating foundation is creamy and very lightweight.

It comes in 10 shades and blends effortlessly. The best part is that it is reasonably priced in comparison to other department store brands.

When given the choice between a non-toxic and cruelty free option, why not choose it right?

#2 Lipstick – Tata Harper – Very Charming Lip Tint

I love that Tata Harper’s products are vegan, cruelty free and contain zero harsh chemicals. This lovely lip tint actually serves a dual purpose as a lip and cheek tint.

I love products that can do double duty. This comes in handy especially when traveling because you only need one product for both lip and cheek not two. A win-win!

For other useful travel essentials check out my blog post on how to be travel with functional and fashionable items.

#3 Non-Toxic Make-up Mascara – Trish Mcevoy

If you have never tried one of Trish McEvoy’s mascara’s before you are in for a treat. I have never come across a mascara like her’s before. This non-toxic beauty make-up product does not smudge at all. I mean AT ALL. So come around 2:00pm you won’t have raccoon eyes.

There are two options for mascara’s the lash curling mascara and the high volume mascara.

Trish McEveoy Mascara

I am also recommending the precision brow shaper. I absolutely love this product. It’s perfect for filling in eyebrows so they appear fuller, as well as darkening them so they really standout.

Trish McEvoy does not test on animals, is endorsed by PETA and is free of those nasty parabens we were talking about earlier.

#4 Pressed Powder – Jane Iredale

I have had Jane Iredale products in my make-up bag for years. One of my first jobs when I moved to Portland, Oregon from Vermont was working the front desk at a facial plastics clinic, and we happened to sell Jane Iredale products. Since then I have been hooked.

All of Jane Iredale’s products are natural, organic and non-toxic. They also commit to never testing on animals. I have tried a ton of her products and honestly I think they are all high quality from lipstick to foundation.

But what I really love most from all of her non-toxic make-up products are her pressed powders. The powders are mineral make-up formulations that actually nourish the skin instead of stripping it of its natural oils.

#5 Skincare- PCA Products

PCA is one of the best skincare companies out there. All of its products are non-toxic and free from synthetic dyes fragrances, phthalates, lanolin, petrolatum and mineral oils.

Also, which you may have guessed by now, PCA does not test any of its products on animals.

Another fun fact, I am actually a certified PCA skin care consult. It’s true, I even have a little paper certificate! I got trained when I worked at a facial plastics clinic so I could better explain products to customers.

Needless to say, I have tried a lot of their products and have loved each and every one of them.

My skincare routine includes using the following products listed below. But the standouts I can’t live without are the Nutrient Toner, which smells like pumpkin, I just love this and the Broad Spectrum 45 SPF Sunscreen.

PCA is based out of Arizona, and they know a thing or two about good sunscreen habits. I know it can be pricey for a sunscreen, but it will last a while when you use some on your face every day.

In Conclusion

I hope I have inspired you to try some of these amazing non-toxic make-up and skincare products in lieu of traditional beauty options. Honestly, there are more options available now than ever, and there is an increased want for cruelty free, non-toxic and natural make-up and skincare products.

When you make the switch you can feel good that you are doing something good for your health as well as helping brands succeed that are doing the right thing by creating cruelty free and organic options.


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