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25 Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Now

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2020)

Freelance writing is a great career path. It provides a flexible schedule, which means you can work day or night or only on the weekends if you choose. There are so many places online that offer freelance writing jobs, but sometimes it can take a lot of precious time to search for gigs and to vet companies that are legitimate.

Below you will find a list of 25 places to find freelance writing jobs. I have taken the burden of searching for writing jobs off your hands. Now you can simply pick the opportunities you like, start writing and make money. Let’s get to it!

#1 Arrivedo

Arrivedo was my first paid travel freelancing writing gig. I have been writing part time with Arrivedo for about two years now. The basics to know about Arrivedo are that you need to apply to be a travel writer through their website.

Once accepted there are a few ways to make money and receive travel perks. The first is that you are the sales person. You pitch hotels in a city of your choosing and explain that you will write a “Neighborhood Guide” in exchange for a free hotel stay or a monetary fee.

Below are some of my “Neighborhood Guide” articles I have written. This will give you an idea of what a finished product will look like.

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You set your prices. Arrivedo has a ton of resources online and a helpful community on slack that will allow you to bounce ideas off of other Arrivedo writers.

I have successfully written a handful of hotel reviews and received free hotel stays in exchange for writing.

There are also incentive and fun offers that Arrivedo offers from time to time. Once you are a contributing member you will get notified via email for additional writing opportunities. The earning potential for these articles ranges from $75 – $200 per article.

A few of the articles I have written outside of the typical “Neighborhood Guide” are:

I wrote an article titled Roadmap to Freelance Writing that gives a more in depth overview of what freelance writing with Arrivedo looks like.

#2 Grammar Gang

Grammar Gang offers freelance writing jobs and also coding jobs (if you know how to code). Jobs with Grammar Gang pay anywhere between $75-$500 per article according to their website.

Applying is very easy. On the home page simply enter your information, name, email, etc. The one thing you must have is a LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, make one, its super easy! LinkedIn is also a great place to showcase your work and network for other freelance writing opportunities.

You will be contacted if you are a good match for an article.

#3 Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs offers all levels of freelance writing gigs. So its okay if you are a beginner or if you are a seasoned pro.

To apply submit a quick application that requires the following information:

Online Writing Jobs is only accepting residents of the United States at this time. All payments can by made via Paypal or check.

#4 Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs allows you to browse through freelance writing opportunities and apply for ones that interest you. Getting started is fairly easy. The one catch with FlexJobs is that you need to pay a monthly access fee.

For a one month access subscription you will pay $14.95. For a 3 month subscription it will run you $29.95, and lastly the 1 year subscription runs $49.95.

I would suggest starting with the one month subscription to see how you like it. If after a month you are happy with the service it would be worth it to sign up for the 3 month or even one year plan. But before committing to the longer subscription options I advise to just pay for one month.

#5 Hire Writers

Hire Writers is a great place if you are a beginner and you are most interested in getting your writing published. I say this because the payout per article is on the lower side.

According to their website you have the potential to earn up to $20 once you are an established writer. This makes me believe that just starting out on this platform that the payout might be even smaller.

The positives are that you can get some articles published and you can start building your writing portfolio. As a bonus you will receive some compensation, although it will be low. Payout is weekly.

#6 Zerys

Zery’s has an easy application process. It requires you to complete a profile and also submit a writting sample. This process will take about 30 minutes to complete.

What I like most about Zery’s is that you can have notification emails sent to your inbox with possible freelance writing jobs that match your profile.

There is NOT a a monthly fee associated with this platform, so getting started is completely free.

Payments are made through Paypal and are processed twice per month.

#7 Crowd Content

Crowd Content is an online writing content platform that is seeking native english speaking writers.

The application process requires you to create a profile and submit a writing sample. A rating between 1-4 stars will be given. Once approved you will start receiving notifications for project opportunities that match your skill level.

Payout occurs the day after your article is submitted and approved. I like this because you don’t have to wait a month to get paid for your work.

#8 Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing is a publishing network that is looking for freelance writers as well as blogging contributors and photography freelancers.

The writing guidelines explain that while their website highlights fun travel articles, they are actually looking for writers to write about how they have been successful travel writers, or have been able to get discounted travel.

The pay is relatively good at $150 for a narrative article between 300-600 words!

#9 Scripted

Scripted is looking for all types of freelancers from beginners to experts. To get started simply create a profile, pass a short test, propose jobs, and set your own prices.

I like that writers can name their own price for their work. Once projects are completed payment is made 15 days after the completion of a writing project.

#10 Sierra Club

Sierra Club is an environmental publication that accepts pitches on environmental topics. Pay is very high, between $250- $1,000.

Once you have pitched an article topic turnaround time from hearing if it has been accepted is around six weeks. Often times you may not hear anything at all. As with a lot of high profile online and print magazines because they are so popular competition is high.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, because you never know!

#11 Critical Read

Critical Read is focused on articles and stories about American artists. They are specifically looking for lesser known stories of American artists.

Pay can be very lucrative! According to their writing guidelines, artwork biography pieces that are about 4,000-5,000 words can be compensated up to $1/word. That means $4,000-$5,000 in compensation!

#12 London Brokers

London Brokers is an online content platform that connects writers with private clients for writing projects.

To sign up simply complete the online registration on their website. After signing up you can pick projects to complete right away.

London Brokers accepts beginners as well as seasoned pros. They do require you to be a native english speaker.

Payout occurs twice-weekly on each Tuesday and Friday via Paypal or Payoneer.

#13 American Forests

American Forests is an established environmental magazine. It has been publishing articles since 1895!

They accept pitches for three types of articles:

  • Features – 2,000 words
  • Mini Features – 1,200 words
  • Earth Keepers – 800-900 words

This magazine is a quarterly publication and they clearly state on their guidelines page that they will not repeat a topic that they have previously published during the past year.

It is important to look back at previous articles written over the last 12 months so you can assure you are not submitting a repeated topic.

#14 Word Gigs

Word Gigs is looking for freelance writers to write pieces longer than 500 words on topics such as tech, finance, medical and legal niches. Types of articles include press releases, ebooks, blog posts, and simple webpage content articles.

Requirements include being a native english speaker as well as having the ability to write on a quick turnaround time of 24-48 hours from the time a project is started.

Some things to consider with Word Gigs:

When you write for Word Gigs you are writing all content as a ghost writer. This means that your name will not be on a byline. Instead you will be writing your work and submitting it without having the opportunity to claim that work for a featured writing portfolio.

The positive to working with Word Gigs is that if you are most interested in making money and you don’t care about being a ghost writer than this can be a great way to make some cash.

Pay depends on the type of project you work on and it ranges from as low as $4.50 and as high as $425.

#15 Copify

Copify is a copywriting freelance content platform. Once you apply you should hear if you are accepted within 48 hours. Once accepted you can start working on projects.

Earning potential with Copify is up to $30 per 500 words and paid through Paypal. They payout each day, which means that once a freelance writing project is completed you should get paid the next day.

#16 Elite Personal Finance – Guest Post

Elite Personal Finance is a blog dedicated to all things finance. They are accepting guest posts from freelance writers that can create articles about topics such as budgeting, making money online, personal finance and more.

Articles should be 1,000-3,000 words, be accompanied by original photography and avoid any promotional or affiliate links.

Pay is advertised as up to $100 per submission.

#17 Bon Appetite

Bon Appetite magazine is one of the elite food magazines in the United States. Bon Appetite is always looking for freelance writers to submit story pitches. Pitches should be written in long form pieces (3,000 or more words) and about the food world.

To submit an idea follow the guidelines on their submission page and send a short paragraph with your story angle to the editor listed on the story pitch page.

#18 Eater

Eater magazine is a food and travel publication that is seeking submissions from writers on an a rolling basis. They are looking for long form feature stories at 3,000-4,000 words as well as shorter report style stories with about 1,800 words.

In addition to written submissions Eater also accepts video content storytelling pieces. (More details on their pitch page).

Eater does not specify payment compensation on their website, so that leaves me to imagine that pay is negotiated between the writer and publisher.

#19 Unemploymentville Guest Post

Unemploymentville is an online outlet dedicated to narrative pieces from those that are experiencing unemployment. Payment ranges from $25-75 per 350 minimum word articles.

To apply simply submit your story of a financial challenge and how you are seeking work through the gig economy rather than a traditional office type of job.

This is a great way to make some money from an otherwise difficult situation that you may be in.

#20 Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is like the Craig’s List for freelance writers. On this site you will find new freelance writing opportunities posted each day. Simply apply for the ones that interest you.

Each freelance writing job will have various specifications required to apply, as well as payment scales.

There is a wide variety of writing opportunities on Pro Blogger. Some are ongoing positions and some are one time projects.

You have the ability to have jobs come directly to your email inbox by signing up for the newsletter.

#21 Freelance Writing

The website Freelance Writing provides a weekly newsletter called the Morning Coffee Newsletter. I have actually subscribed to this one and love receiving freelance opportunities to my inbox each week.

Freelance Writing has been around since 1997 and you don’t need to have an account to scroll through the available opportunities. I like this, because you can see up front if you are interested in the types of writing projects they offer.

You can filter through specific types of writing projects such as technical writing, journalism, blogging, copy writing, editing and proof reading gigs.

The jobs are a mix of remote work and traditional office type of jobs with companies based in a specific city. Payment is dependent upon the specific rates that the company advertises.

#22 Listverse

Listverse publishes listicle articles of at least 10 items or more on topics such as lifestyle, science & society. If you take a look at their content you will see that most articles that are published bend toward the weird, exotic and mysterious nature. Think UFO’s, strange animals and crazy science experiments.

I submitted an article about a year ago, and while it was not accepted they did respond back to me which was great. I then just used that article on my own blog, and it has turned out to be one of my most popular blog posts. It’s titled 10 of the Weirdest Things About Portland.

While that did not get accepted and should not be an example to follow for your submissons, I wanted to point out that you can turn a rejection into something good.

Also, if one place rejects a pitch you can try pitching it somewhere else, or using it on your own blog if you have started a blog.

Submissions must be 1,500-2,000 words. If accepted you will net $100.

#23 Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is a blog that provides go to information for a community of mothers. But don’t let the name “freelance mom” fool you, dads are welcome to contribute as well.

The guidelines for article submission are very specific and extensive. If your article is accepted you will be paid between $75-$100 via paypal in exchange for your 900-1,500 word article.

#24 All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing is a job board with, you guessed it, all-freelance-writing job opportunities. Here you can find a range of freelance writing gigs with all ranges of pay.

I think this website provides opportunities for every stage of freelance writer, beginner to experienced.

#25 Medium

Medium is an interesting writing platform. You create an account and pay a membership fee of $5 a month. You are immediately able to start writing articles following their content guidelines and at the end of each month you are paid a specific amount of money depending on how many people read your article and liked it.

In Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post on the 25 places to find freelance writing jobs now. While this list is in no way a complete list of opportunities available to freelancers it is a good variety of opportunities.

Good luck as you apply for freelance writing jobs and I hope that you are able to get your first gig with one of these listed opportunities. The key is to not give up and to cast a wide net. The more you put yourself out there the higher likelihood that you will get a pitch accepted.

For more about how I got started with freelance writing check out my Road to Freelance Writing post or my travel writing post that explains How I Earned Free Accommodations in Exchange for Travel Writing.


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