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Side Hustles You Can Start Today

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2020)

Are you looking for new side hustles you can start today to start earning extra income? If so, than you have come to the right place because I have a list of side hustles that require no prior experience.

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss and be in control of your fate than look no further than this list of side hustles you can start immediately.

1. Drive For Uber & Lyft

If you have a car than starting a side hustle as an Uber and/or Lyft driver is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Once you apply to be an Uber or Lyft driver the turnaround time for approval can take as little as 48 hours and as long as two weeks.

Background checks are required and that is what can often create the lag time in approval.

Once you are approved and out on the road the earning potential depends on how much you want to work. I love the flexibility of this side hustle because you can literally choose when and how long you want to drive.

How Much Can You Earn With Lyft and Uber?

Earning potential depends on a lot of criteria. For example, what city are driving in? How many hours are you working? Are you working during peak times?

I will use the city of Portland, Oregon as an example (where I live). Lyft states on their website that the average Lyft driver working in Portland, Oregon makes $78,000/year. That is 30% better than the national average.

2. Rent A Room or Your Home With Airbnb

You don’t need to have a second vacation home on a beach to earn extra income from Airbnb. Instead offer up a spare room, a couch or even a finished basement by signing up to host with Airbnb.

On Airbnb’s website you can enter in a few bits of information to find out how much money you could earn.

Simply type what kind of rental you would be hosting, a private room vs. a shared room or even an entire house. Next enter how many guests you could accommodate at one time. Lastly enter the city where you will be potentially renting from.

After entering in those pieces of information Airbnb will tell you the potential you can earn.

I will use my home city of Portland, Oregon for an example. I took a screen shot of the potential of renting a private room in my home in Portland, Oregon for one guest. Airbnb says I could earn $650/month doing this.

Honestly, I was surprised at how much that number was. I may have to think about doing this as a side hustle!

Side hustles you can start today through airbnb
Screen shot of how much a private room in Portland, OR can earn per month on Airbnb

3. Host An Experience With Airbnb

In addition to renting your home on Airbnb, which is Airbnb’s most popular platform, you can also sign up to host experiences.

This is such a fun and flexible opportunity to share a talent or knowledge you have with locals and visitors to your home city.

Are you good at photography? Offer some classes. Love breweries? Host a craft brew tour through Airbnb. Honestly the options are endless here.

4. Deliver Food

One of the most needed side hustles you can start today

Food delivery is a great option for a side hustle. I like this one because there are a lot of different companies to work for.


Caviar has an earning potential of up to $25/hour. Not too bad for a side hustle! You also keep 100% of all tips given by customers. If you sign up to work with Caviar you have the choice of two payment options.

You can either get payments deposited directly to your bank account each week, or you can choose to get payments via the CashApp which will pay out after each successful delivery.

Grub Hub

Grub Hub allows drivers to keep 100% of their tip earnings. That means extra cash in your pocket. Additionally Grub hub allows deliveries to be made by bicycles as well as cars, depending on the city you are working in.


Uber Eats may be one of the most flexible options in the food delivery space. On their website they state that you can deliver food by car, bike, scooter or even on foot.

I love all of those options. This is great news for those that do not have access to a car. If you live in a big city, there is great potential to earn a nice chunk of change by walking deliveries.

Insta Cart

Insta Cart is a bit different than the other food delivery side hustles because you are delivering groceries instead of take out food orders.

There are two ways to work for Insta Cart. The first option is called a “full service shopper” and requires you to have access to a car to deliver the orders.

The second option is a “in store shopper” where you do not need access to a vehicle and instead you work part-time in a grocery store, through the Insta Cart app and shop for the groceries.

5. Be A Dog Walker With Rover

Do you love dogs? If so, thank being an independent dog walker through the Rover platform is a great way to make a nice side hustle while spending time with cute dogs.

Rover dog walkers have the potential to earn up to $1000/month by walking cute dogs.

The requirements for being a dog walker include being at least 18 years old and be able to pass a background check.

It is free to set up a profile with Rover. The money you make is 80% of each job, and Rover takes a cut which is the other 20%.

6. Teach English Online With VIP Kid

VIP Kid is looking for native english speakers to teach english specifically to Chinese kids. The best part is that you do not need to speak another language to teach. The platform is an immersion setting, so speaking only english is all that is needed.

The earning potential is around $15 – $22 per hour. You get to choose your hours, which gives this gig a nice flexible option as a side hustle.

Signing-up is an easy process. Simply create an account, review some materials, record a short teaching demonstration video, next you will do a mock class with another teacher, and the last piece is signing a contract and starting your own classes.

7. Read Books, Give Reviews & Get Paid

Are you a bookworm? If so than this is the one of the best side hustles you can start today! I love side hustles that you can make money from doing things that you love to do.

Online Book Club

At Online Book Club you can receive compensation for reading books and providing a review. The payouts can be as little as $5 and as high as $60 for each review.

Becoming a member of Online Book Club is free. The one thing to know up front is that the first review you do will be for free.

This is to make sure that you provide a quality review, free of spelling and grammatical errors. After your first free review you will be compensated.

In conclusion

I hope you have found this list of side hustles you can start today beneficial.

What I like the most about this list is that they are all jobs that you can sign up for today and can start very quickly if not immediately.

If you are looking for remote jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home, than you will enjoy this post on the Top Five Ultimate Work From Home Job List.


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