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The Best Places For Photos In Seattle

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Seattle is a shutterbug’s dream. Taking photos in Seattle is both intriguing and magical. Maybe its the rainy fog? Maybe its the impression that the romantic comedy movie Sleepless in Seattle left on me back in the day? Or maybe its just the vibrant Pike’s Place Market and the natural beauty surrounding it.

Flowers in Pike's Place Market
A photo I took of the beautiful flower bouquets in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

From the majestic snow capped Mt. Rainer to the waters of Elliot Bay, there is so much to love. That’s what makes taking photos in Seattle so much fun. The inspiration is around every corner.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to downtown Seattle, (or staying in the neighborhoods beyond downtown), in the future let this post serve as an inspirational guide to capturing the city through your iPhone lens, regular camera lens, or whatever you are taking selfies on these days.

Kerry Park in Queen Anne

View from Kerry Park in Queen Anne
Me looking at the Space Needle from Kerry Park in the Queen Anne Neighborhood, Seattle

I think most people would agree that the vantage point from Kerry Park in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood is one of the best views of the Seattle skyline.

Fun fact about Kerry Park: it was in the opening credits of the teen movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Remember that movie from 1999? Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger OMG, still love it!

This is a great spot to come at any time of day, but sunsets are a special time, especially if you get Mt. Rainer in the background.

The Space Needle

Space Needle Seattle
Me, admiring the Space Needle in Seattle

The Space Needle is notably the most iconic structure in Seattle. A visit to the Space Needle is a must while visiting. Sure pictures from the top are great, but I find a picture from the bottom looking up is a fun way showcase this pretty city icon.

Post Ally – Pink Door

Post Alley - Pink Door restaurant
Me in Post Alley outside the Pink Door restaurant

Post Ally is a fun pedestrian street blocks away from Pike’s Place Market situated between Virginia Street and Stewart Street.

One of the most popular restaurants in this area is The Pink Door. This restaurant does not have any signage but instead a marked pink door to let patrons know they have arrived at the correct spot.

What makes this place so special?

The Pink Door is more than just a restaurant. Why yes it serves up delicious Italian fare, but in addition on specific days of the week it has a connecting room to the main dining area that hosts cabaret shows, tarot card reading events and live jazz music.

The main dining area also has stunning views of Elliot Bay, where you can watch the commuter ferries pass by as you eat dinner. This is a fun experience.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle
Me, standing in Pike Place Market in Seattle early in the morning

The most vibrant place in all of Seattle is without a doubt the bustling Pike’s Place Market. This photo pictured above was taken early in the morning with some of the vendors still setting up their booths for the day.

seafood in pike place market
Seafood at Pike Place Market

Every time I visit Seattle I visit Pike’s Place Market. Even if I am not planning on buying anything, I still enjoy strolling through the market, taste testing the home made jams and cheeses.

Piroshky Piroshky in Pike's Place
Me with my baked good from Piroshky Piroshky in Pike’s Place

I also love looking at the pretty the flower vendors, fruit and veggie stands and the beautiful selection of sea food on display.

Fruit vendor at Pike’s Place Market

First Starbucks & Starbucks Reserve Roastry

Front entrance to Starbucks Reserve Rostery in Seattle
Me in front of the Starbucks Reserve Roastry

If you are a coffee fan than visiting the first Starbucks in Pike’s Place Market and the beautiful Starbucks Reserve Roastry are a must for taking photos in Seattle.

Me at the First Starbucks!

When visiting the first Starbucks I recommend getting up early in the morning to beat the crowds. This is such a popular spot for visitors.

The first Starbucks location is known for having the best Starbucks customer service. I agree. I had great service when I visited.

Here you can also purchase cool coffee mugs that say “first Starbucks” on them, which you cannot purchase anywhere else.

Starbucks Reserve
Coffee samplings at the Starbucks Reserve Roastry

Chiuly Garden & Glass

A visit to the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum is an instagram lovers dream.

My mom and I toured this museum a year ago and had a blast. It is situated near the Space Needle, so if you are going that way, you should in corporate a stop to this stunning collection of Chihuly glass sculptures.

Chihuly Glass Sculpture
The best place for a photo is in the beautiful window filled room

Fremont Troll

Freemont Troll
Photo c/o Instagram @visitseattle – Fremont Troll – Seattle, USA

In Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood sits the coolest statue, the Fremont Troll. Seeing this statue is worth the short trip north of downtown to the Fremont neighborhood to see the troll up close.

A few years back my mom and I made a whole day out of exploring the Fremont neighborhood. We toured the Theo Chocolate factory, had breakfast at a cute diner and passed the troll (in our uber).

Me and my mom on a Theo Chocolate tour in Seattle
Me and my mom on a Theo Chocolate tour in Seattle

I wish I had my own picture for this one, but we did not get the chance to stop. I do love the photo care of the instagram account @visitseattle picturing this woman in a red dress standing on the toll’s hand.

Next time I’m in Seattle and exploring some of the neighborhoods outside of downtown a bit further I will stop for a photo op of the Fremont Troll because I think it is such a quirky cool Seattle statue.

Taking Photos In Seattle Is A Souvenir

What I love the most about taking photos in Seattle is that they serve as a lasting memory souvenir. No need to buy a touristy T-Shirt that says I love Seattle. (Although I have done that).

Let your creative eye capture the city how you see it through your lens.


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