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Functional and Fashionable Travel Accessories

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2020)

Have you ever been on a trip, mid layover in an airport, you look around and see those people that have it all together? You know what I’m talking about, the people that have the best travel accessories.

They are wearing beautiful clothes, cool shoes, and even have hair that is still in place from their first leg of their journey.

Well, I have. Then I look at myself and think, what am I doing wrong? Often times when traveling, especially on long trips we (myself included) want to be comfortable. Which usually means throwing on a cozy sweatshirt and in some cases (gasp) pajama pants.

The thing is, I have learned that being comfortable does not have to be solely restricted to PJ’s and college sweatshirts. There are so many companies these days that cater to the busy traveler on the go, which has resulted in a wide variety of travel accessories and stylish clothes that are both functional and fashionable.

Today’s traveler wants to be stylish but also comfortable. We want soft tops, cool sneakers and even fun travel bags that have enough pockets to fit all of your carry on needs.

Below I will break down some of the most comfortable travel attire and cool travel accessories.

This collection of travel accessories that will have you feeling comfortable and sophisticated on your next travel journey. Whether that is a weekend getaway to a city nearby, for me that would be to Seattle or San Francisco, or an international trip that includes a long flight being comfortable and fashionable is key.

Disclosure: This page contains some affiliate links . Please know that I may receive a percentage or commission from a link included on this page, at no cost to you. I will only recommend a product or service that I have used or believe has substantial value to my readers. 

Baggallini Bags

Baggallini is one of my favorite travel bag accessory stores for two reasons. First the designs are sleek, modern and can be dressed up or dressed down. Secondly, the functionality of the bags is terrific. There are always an abundance of zippered pockets, and various compartments which makes carry on travel that much more functional.

This company has a cool story of how they came to be. It was founded by two flight attendants, and who knows travel better than a flight attendant, am I right? The two founders saw a need for bags with more pockets and accessibility, that were also cute and stylish. The problem was that they couldn’t find something that fit those two main categories anywhere. So, in true Shark Tank entrepreneur style, they just decided to have some made for their own use.

Not aiming to necessarily start a company, but that is just what happened. Other flight crew members and passengers took notice of the bags and wanted to know where they could buy some of their own. It seemed there was interest and a possible market. The rest is history, and now Baggallini bags are available to everyone.

Multi-purpose Scarf

Traveling with a scarf is a must do while traveling. It can double as a cozy blanket once on a plane, as well as serving its initial purpose of a wrap around your neck. I personally always think a nice scarf pulls an outfit together. It allows you to be comfortable but also stylish at the same time.

Travel & Leisure magazine breaks down a list of the top 14 best scarves for traveling.


Traveling in sneakers is no longer a fashion no no. In fact with the popularity of athleisure, its actually fashionable to wear a pair of cool kicks.

A few standard favorites include solid tone sneakers in black, white, or light pastels. I personally usually travel in a pair of black Nikes. But I also love some styles from New Balance and Adidas.

Collapsable Water Bottles

When traveling through the TSA at the airport, we have all been told to empty our liquid bottles of coffee or water, am I right? Well, the perfect solution to staying hydrated while traveling is to have a convenient water bottle of your own that you can refill at a water fountain after you get through TSA.

I love the idea of the collapsable water bottle because don’t we always feel like we need more room when traveling? Here are Travel & Leisure magazine’s top picks for the best collapsable water bottles on the market.


I think we can all agree that a good pair of headphones while traveling is a must have item. How best to pass the time on the plane than listening to your favorite pre downloaded podcast, or to signal to that chatty traveler sitting next to you that you are not interested in talking? The answer is headphones.

There are so many different brands and ranges of price from the ever so popular Beats by Dre headphones that retail just under $200 to your supermarket apple knock off brand ear buds.

There you have it. My picks for five items that will have you not only organized on your next trip but also fashionable! So bon voyage to you on your next trip!


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