What Two Years of Blogging Has Taught Me

November 2019 marks the two year anniversary of Pain Jane Lifestyle. As we approach the end of 2019, this time of year seems to be a time when many are reflecting on the year past and goal planning for the year to come.

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I thought a good place to start in reflecting on the year past of my blog progress was to look back and reference the goals I had made last year when I wrote What One Year of Blogging Taught Me.

The goals I had written for myself included:

  1. To double the amount of blog posts on Plain Jane Lifestyle
  2. To get at least four more freelance travel writing projects
  3. To make $500 with my blog

Now those goals do not seem too outrageous for a two year, part-time blogger, but let’s see how I did.

Goal #1

Accomplished – With this post, I officially doubled my blog posts to total 64 posts on this website. I know that a lot of bloggers try to write a post every week, or everyday but for me and my schedule I haven’t been able to write that many, but I hope to increase my productivity for this coming year 2020!

Goal #2

Accomplished – I set a goal of obtaining at least four freelance travel writing projects and I got six. Here are the projects I completed:

Neighborhood Guide – Riverhouse on the Deschutes – Bend, Oregon

Eat Where Bravo’s Top Chef Alumni Eat in NYC

Where to Embrace the No/Low Concept in Copenhagen

How to Travel the World for Free

Neighborhood Guide – Hotel G – San Francisco, California

Neighborhood Guide – Row NYC – New York, New York

Goal #3

Missed – I came up short on this one. My total money made for this year is $382.99. This was from paid travel gigs and affiliate links. I also spent $184.35 on website hosting and domain security protection. So my net income for the year was $198.64.

My Top Posts of 2019

Here are the top three blog posts that drove the most traffic to my blog this year. Number one really surprised me.

  1. Functional and Fashionable: These Five Travel Accessories Will Allow You To Be Both Stylish and Organized On Your Next Trip I wrote this post on a whim, and couldn’t believe it was my most clicked on. This post received 1,315 vies to date. This means I should probably write some more fashion/travel packing posts.
  2. My homepage was the second most popular landed page on my site. While my homepage is not necessarily a “post” I thought I would include it to show what readers viewed most popular. My homepage received 832 total views to date.
  3. 10 Of The Weirdest Things About Portland, Oregon I had so much fun writing this article. I live in Portland, and took most of the photography myself. Originally I had wrote this listicle style article to pitch to an online publisher, but was rejected, so I just decided to post it on my site, and to my surprise it was the third most popular post of the year. This post has received 478 total views.

Looking ahead 2020

I am excited for another year of blogging! 2020 still seems like it should be a thousand light years in the future to me. But here we are, it is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited to see what happens in the next year of this blog.

2020 Goals

Goal #1

I want to increase my blog traffic to 3000 visitors a month or approximately 100 visitors per day. Currently my monthly average for visitors is around 500-700.

Goal #2

I want to write four blog posts per month. Over the past year I had been writing at least a post a month, and sometimes more if I could manage it. But this year I want to be more intentional with increasing my content. I would specifically like to add more content about budgeting, retirement, paying off debt and side-hustle jobs. I still have a large focus on travel, but since my blog is a lifestyle content blog, I think its time to fill out some other areas of interest as well.

Goal #3

I want to increase my Twitter and Instagram content. I have put those social media resources on the back burner over the last five months, as I have mostly focused on growing organic search engine traffic through focused SEO driven writing. Pinterest was once again my largest driver of traffic by far, so I will continue using Pinterest. I would like to increase my group boards, join more group boards and make more connections.

Want to start a blog?

If you have been thinking about starting your own blog to be creative, make some extra income, create a writing portfolio, basically whatever you want it to be, make 2020 the year!

I have both written tutorials as well as videos (quick 3 part video series, less than 10 minutes) that walk you through how to start a blog, get hosting, chose a domain name…basically everything you need to know to get your blog off the ground. All free!

Thanks for reading this year in review of what a typical part-time blogger looks like. Let’s see what 2020 brings!

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