Stitch Fix Review, Plus A Bonus For You!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2020)

Today’s post brings a personal Stitch Fix review. It seems like everything these days is shipped in a surprise box! From meal cooking boxes such as Blue Apron, to cosmetic surprise boxes like Birch Box and clothing package brands such as Stitch Fix are all generating a new model of loyal subscription customers.

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Convenience, as well as the surprise nature of mailed deliveries have made this concept a stellar success. “In 2018 Stitch Fix generated $1.2 billion dollars in its fiscal 2018 wth earnings of $45 million and took in $366 million in its first quarter of 2019.” According to the website Fast Company.

With numbers like that, I decided to find out what all the hype is about and give Stitch Fix a try for myself.

So, I went online, signed up, entered my height, weight, measurements and style preferences, chose a preferred delivery date and that was all I needed to do to set the wheels in motion.

Not too long after, I received an email with a tracking number of my Stitch Fix box. The anticipation of receiving a package in the mail is still exciting to me. Anybody else?

Arrival Day, a.k.a Stitch Fix Review Day

At last my box has arrived. Time to give you my full Stitch Fix review. Here is what I received in my surprise box.

Stitch Fix delivery box
Stitch Fix package, great presentation!

Stitch Fix Review Item #1

Patty Roll Knit Top by Beacon – Once I tried this one on, I knew it was a keeper. The material of this top is so comfortable. It’s one of those tops you could throw in a suit case and you know it won’t wrinkle. As a travel enthusiast, I personally love clothes that travel well. For more ideas of must have travel items, check out my post Functional and Fashionable: These 5 Travel Accessories Will Allow You To Be Both Stylish and Organized For Your Next Trip.

Stitch Fix Review Item #2

Melanie Knit Tunic Blazer by French Mauve. I am a blazer lover, and I did not have a navy one in my current wardrobe so I also kept this piece. I like the longer length of this blazer, which favors skinny pants very well.

Stitch Fix Review Item #3

Lemmy V-Neck Top by Brina & Em. I decided to keep this whimsical and feminine blouse top. Perfect for tucking into a nice skirt or trousers, or leave it untucked with some skinny jeans for a casual feel.

Stitch Fix Review Item #4

Hampton Skinny Corduroy by Edyson. At first thought I didn’t think I would keep these because my closet already has a similar pair, however once I tried these on, and felt how comfortable they were with the spandex blend incorporated I just knew I had to keep these.

Stitch Fix Review Item #5

Rosabel Skinny Pant by Market & Spruce. The thing I really love about this pair of pants is that they can be casual enough for a weekend but can also be easily dressed up for a workday. I just happened to have a few similarly colored pants in my closet already, however, after I tried this pair on they felt like a dream. They are far superior in comfort than a few of my other pairs. So of course, I kept these as well!

What I Love About Stitch Fix

  • The Return Policy – Stitch Fix has a hassle free return policy. Compared to other clothing subscription boxes that make you print a label and send back items in an envelope or box that you need to make an additional purchase for, Stitch Fix includes a sticker label and an extra envelope for placing items to return in.
Priority return envelope provided with every Stitch Fix box
  • You only pay for items that you keep and there is no charge for pieces that you want to return.
  • Stitch Fix has a $20 “Styling Fee”, which is waived and put toward any item that you wish to keep.
  • Stitch Fix has a wide selection of brand name clothing. Plus labels that you can only get from Stitch Fix. The fashion line 41 Hawthorn is one in particular that I love.
  • With Stitch Fix, you are getting styled by a professional stylist! Each box comes with a visual card with suggested ways to wear the various pieces included in the box.
Stitch Fix styling guide, included with every package.
  • Lastly, I think that Stitch Fix is very convenient for busy lifestyles or people who want some help putting outfits together.


Okay, so I promised all of you a bonus just for reading my fun review on Stitch Fix. Here it is, a $25 dollar credit, just for you, from me. If you use the referral you get $25 off, and I also get a $25 credit! A win-win for both of us.

Please let me know what you think of Stitch Fix I would love to hear your take!


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