Is It Safe To Publish Blog Income Reports?

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2020)

Publishing income reports about how much money a blogger has made has become a very popular topic. If you’ve ever searched “How to make money online?” through Pinterest’s search engine than you have probably come across dozens of pins from successful money making bloggers. Most of those pins will be adorned with striking phrases like; How I make $10,000+ a Month From My Blog” or “How I made over $1,500,000 in 2018 While Traveling Full-time.”

With titles like that who wouldn’t want to click on those pins, am I right?

I for one am super intrigued by income reports from successful bloggers. Because it shows that making money online is possible, and they explain exactly how they do it.

Maybe they make money through affiliate marketing, online courses, downloadable e-books. Whatever the method, it is laid out right there online for all to see, price tag attached.

It’s one thing to see reports about making a few hundred dollars, but when income reports from bloggers are explaining how they make $10,000 per month, or over a million per year it begs the question;

Is it safe to publish income reports online?

One blogger, Tom Ewer from the blog Leaving Work Behind decided to also leave writing income reports behind after nearly two years of doing so. But interestingly enough, his reasons were all but because of safety concerns.

In a blog post Tom wrote explaining why he wasn’t going to be publishing income reports anymore his reasons included relevance to readers as one of the main factors. He thought that the more money he made, the less relatable he would be to his audience which was focused on those just getting started.

The fact of the matter is that making money online, as most of us know is not an overnight success. Sure, there are probably some outliers out there. But for most of us, it can take years upon years before really making a decent amount of money online.

In addition to relevance to readers, other reasons for Tom stopping income report writing included arbitrariness and just plain enjoyment. But he never mentions feeling unsafe about publishing earnings as a factor.

On the other hand…

Blogger Steve Chou from the blog My Wife Quit Her Job states on his website that as of 2019 he will no longer publish full revenue income reports online. His main reason: because his wife felt uncomfortable. He also states that the income reports were starting to feel presumptuous and no longer added value to his blog.

We are living in a world where our entire lives seem to be online and connected through social media. The money that one makes has always been known as a taboo topic to discuss. Until now.

It seems that now more than ever people are becoming just as transparent with their finances as they are with what they ate for dinner one particular evening.

One article published on CNN reports that millennials are far more apt to share their salaries with their family, friends and co-workers compared to older generations.

With that fact in mind, it makes a bit more sense why bloggers, many of them in the millennial generation are so open with their income reports. However, just because they are comfortable doesn’t necessarily equate with safety.

Let’s go back to to the beginning of this post.

Remember that stunning quote I mentioned?

“How I made $1,500,000 in 2018 While Traveling Full-time.” Well, that’s from one of the most famous successful bloggers, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of the hit blog Making Sense of Cents.

Michelle has been featured in Forbes as well as CNBC giving her instant credibly as an entrepreneur. She explains her journey from quitting her stable financial job to living out of an RV (by choice) and most recently a sail boat as she continues to profit from her blog.

One would assume that making that kind of cash would warrant one to stop publishing income reports altogether and just continue to live the high life. But Michelle never makes a mention about feeling unsafe from publishing her income reports. At least none that I have seen.

Michelle states on her blog that she writes income reports because she wants to show others what is possible. She states that before she got started she had read income reports. But, if it wasn’t for reading those, she may not have been inspired to start her blog at all.

Michelle also mentions that she likes to use publishing income reports as a way for her to look back at successes and failures. And lastly to show others that making money online is possible.

Publishing income reports online will continue to be a fascinating phenomenon in the blogging world. For many bloggers, merely writing about income reports can bring in lots of traffic.

But for others it can loose its luster, and become more of burden and time suck when they feel they could be writing about other things that they feel more passionate about and that resonate with their readers.

Feeling inspired to start a blog and read some income reports?

Well, look no further than some of these popular income reports:


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