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Sleepless in Seattle In The Pacific Northwest

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2020)

A Coffee Filled City With This Many Fun Activities Will Have You Wishing You Didn’t Require Sleep Just So You Could Fit Everything In, therefore becoming sleepless in Seattle

Seattle, a beautiful rainy city nestled in the heart of the pacific northwest, a place I have visited often over the last several years since moving out to Portland. There are so many fun things to see and do, I feel the title of this post sleepless in Seattle has a whole other meaning than that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie.

Think about, so much good coffee, along with awesome things to see and do, you could very well find yourself becoming sleepless in Seattle!

Steal The Look:

But, each time I go, I find myself partaking in some of the same fun iconic sights the city has to offer such as Pike’s Place Market and the Space Needle, but I also like to incorporate some new places as well. I look for a restaurant, museum or neighborhood that I haven’t explored before.

If you are looking to explore neighborhood beyond traditional downtown, be sure to read my post Seattle Neighborhoods: Explore Beyond The Space Needle.

This last trip I took to Seattle at the end of March was no exception. I met my mom there for a fun filled long weekend accompanied by good food, coffee and baseball!

Wednesday, March 27th

I arrived mid-afternoon via a quick flight on Alaska Airlines from Portland. A flight under an hour that cost me just about nothing thanks to some miles I had saved up, I was already off to a good start.

I was greeted by my mom at the airport terminal and was so excited to get our visit under way!

Commuting From SeaTac Airport

Taking the Seattle Link Light Rail directly from the airport to downtown Seattle is the most optimal way to transport yourself. That is exactly what we did. The cost is very economical at under $4 per person for one way into downtown.

It took us just about 35 minutes to get to our stop at Westlake. From there we only had to walk a few blocks to check in to our hotel, The Westin Seattle. This is my second time staying at this hotel, and it never disappoints. We enjoyed our double queen bedroom on the 13th floor, yes that’s right, 13th floor. Very few buildings have a 13th floor…not really sure how that superstition started, but in any case, there were no ghosts in our room.


Just a few blocks away, we went to one of our favorite Seattle pizza places, Serious Pie. It wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle for us if we didn’t eat here. This restaurant is one of locally famed Seattle Chef Tom Douglas’s creations. He has a few locations in town, but the spot on Virginia is where we went.

Here you can get elevated craft made pizza’s with a twist. For instance, we shared a yukon gold potato with rosemary pizza alongside a small plate of roasted carrots over a tangy yogurt glaze.

Thursday, March 28th

We started our day off with breakfast at Miller’s Guild, an open airy space connected to the lobby of Hotel Max. Breakfast was delightful, as well as the coffee. I asked the waiter what kind of coffee they were serving thinking it was one of the many artisanal local brands, but I was surprised when he said “Starbucks, of course.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am a coffee fanatic, and a Starbucks fan, I have way too many Starbucks collectable mugs overflowing my kitchen cabinets. But most of the time, if I’m being honest, my Starbucks coffee is usually very bitter, except for the cold brew. I will give it to them on the cold brew, they have that down. But this Starbucks coffee they served with breakfast was delicious.

Pike’s Place Market

No matter if you’ve been to Pike’s Place Market a million times it’s just one of those things you must do when visiting. Sure it’s busy, lots of travelers meandering their way through the market, snapping pictures of the beautiful produce and watching as seafood stand workers toss salmon, but hey it’s all part of the ambiance that is the market.

Crab Legs at Pike’s Place Market
Bouquets at Pike’s Place Market
Fruits and vegetables at Pike’s Place Market

This time for something different we tried a few different eateries for small snacks. This included tasting one of the decadent pastries from the popular bakery Pirosky Pirosky and some ginger beer from Rachel’s Ginger Beer both located in the market.

Me (Jane Boughton) getting a pastry from Pirosky Pirosky

Seattle Center & The Space Needle

We had time, so we decided to walk from Pike’s Place Market to the Space Needle. It was a nice Spring day, the sun was shining and we had our ginger beer in our hands, life was good.

Me (Jane Boughton) gazing up at the Space Needle

We took the typical Space Needle photo’s and then we toured the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum before eating lunch at another one of our favorite haunts, Collections Cafe.

Chihuly Glass Sculpture
Inside the Chihuly Sculpture Museum
Exhibit at the Chihuly Glass Sculpture Museum
An exhibit at the Chihuly Glass Museum

For dessert, we stopped at Dahlia Bakery which was conveniently located on the walk from the Seattle Center to The Westin hotel. The must have item here is the famous coconut pie. Seriously if I lived in Seattle I would be going to this place every chance I got. As a bonus, any coffee you buy gets you free refills all day long.

Baseball’s Opening Day – Seattle Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox

We ended our day with a baseball game at T-Mobile Park to see the Seattle Mariners vs. the Boston Red Sox. Growing up in New England, we are both Red Sox fans so this was the perfect game for us to see.

This is actually our second time attending opening day in Seattle, and it is so much fun. Opening day brings much fanfare to the park. We got to see a live performance by Seattle’s popular hip-hop artist Mackelmore as well as hear Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready play the national anthem on his electric guitar.

Although the Red Sox lost terribly, it was an exciting game filled with home runs, stolen bases, and even an in person sighting of A-Rod. (He was there calling the game from the press booth).

Friday, March 29th

We woke up and took an Uber north just 3.5 miles from The Westin Seattle to the Fremont neighborhood. We had both never been before, but had booked a tour of the chocolate factory Theo at 10:00 am, so we decided to have breakfast there as well.

The Fremont neighborhood is quirky and techie at the same time. Home to Google’s Seattle headquarters as well as Fremont Brewing Company, Theo Chocolate Factory and Fremont Mischief, a local distillery make this a fun place to spend half a day tasting and touring your way through the neighborhood.

We Ate Breakfast at a Local Diner

Roxy’s diner, located a few blocks from Theo Chocolate provided a solid breakfast spread. Traditional comfort food was just what we needed to fill our tummies.

Touring Theo Chocolate Factory

Our tour of Theo Chocolate started at 10:00am and lasted one hour exactly. As an FYI it is in your best interest to make a reservation weeks ahead of time. You pay $10 the day you show up. You can make reservations on their website here.

We got to taste a variety of chocolates as well as see the factory workers making chocolate from behind glass windows while our guide explained each part of the process.

Starbucks Reserve Roastry

Next we headed across town to get some coffee and tea at the beautiful Starbucks Reserve Roastry. For those of you who have not heard of the Starbucks Reserve shops before, you are in for a mega experience. There are only a select amount open world wide, the first was in Seattle (of course), and other current locations include New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Milano. Chicago is the next city to get an awesome Starbucks Reserve built.

Starbucks Reserve
A cold brew flight and soy chai tea latte – Starbucks Reserve – Seattle

Inside, Starbucks Roasters roast beans before your eyes. You can ask the roasters questions about the bean roasting process and they will delightfully explain it to you. Order whatever you want, and linger in the inviting industrial space. I ordered a flight of cold brew, and my mom got a soy chai tea latte.

We had fun shopping in the reserve as well. You can purchase mugs, french press makers, clothes, books, pins…a ton of fun stuff. I walked away with a cozy sweatshirt that has the phrase “Espresso Yourself” across the front.

Dinner at The Pink Door

We had a dinner reservation at the popular Seattle restaurant dubbed The Pink Door. Located overlooking the water and Pike’s place market this unique restaurant has no signage on the outside. Instead, patrons simply look for the only pink door in Post Alley.

We grabbed a few pictures before going inside. In the dinning room we were blown away with our view. You can see the ferries as they cross Elliot Bay from Bainbridge Island, as well as the Seattle Great Wheel, a ferris wheel that operates year round.

Dinner here is Italian inspired. We both loved our dishes. They offer a spread of lasagna, pasta and garlic breads as well as a stellar cocktail and drink menu.

Ginger Beer

Saturday, March 30th

We had an early train to catch down to Portland, so we checked out of the hotel early and took an Uber to the Seattle train station.

Once at the train station, we had some extra time, so walked to the closest Starbucks and got some caffeine and pastries to kick the morning off.

I like taking the train for a few reasons. First off, driving is not my favorite thing, especially on the highway. Secondly, the train takes about the same time as driving, and you get free wifi, and you can kick back and relax.

We enjoyed working on a New York Times crossword puzzle together as we took in the scenery south towards Portland.

All in all we had an enjoyable trip, as always to Seattle. We saw some new things as well as visited some old haunts. I’m sure we will make the trek again in the coming years and when we do, we will be sure to grab a pizza from Serious Pie, visit Pike’s Place Market and find some new treasures.


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