10 Ways To Complete A Home Makeover For $100

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2020)

So you’ve just finished watching yet another episode of Property Brothers on HGTV where they completed another fabulous home makeover.

Now more than ever you desperately want to give your start a home makeover yourself. The only problem is, well, the cost. I mean who has an extra $50,000 in the bank for a new kitchen and master bath, am I right?

But, even if you can’t invest in a major home makeover project now, there are budget friendly ways you can elevate your home today.

I have crafted a list of simple and low cost home decor items that will instantly makeover any room of the house.

The best part is, each item is under $100.

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#1 Throw Pillows

I recently read a quote the other day that said:

“Throw pillows are the adult version of a stuffed animal collection.”

That made me laugh so much because it’s kind of true. You can never have enough throw pillows. By simply adding in different colors and designs to go with the seasons or for a new look overall to your living room, media room or bedrooms a throw pillow is the perfect solution. I personally like the online shop (affiliate) because the collection of throw pillow designs come from a community of independent artists, which means super cool designs for you.

Sketched Willow Pillow by Katherine Watson of Portland, Maine
Purchase this item on

#2 Art Work

There is no doubt that canvas paintings, framed prints or family photos warm up a room and create a mood. Even if you already have some art work up on the walls, perhaps it is time to change things up, or maybe you’ve been living in your house for two years and you still haven’t gotten around to hanging up art. Well now is the time my friend! A few places that I like for budget friendly art include Society6 (affiliate), and (affiliate).

Amour print by Morgan Kendall – $21 on

Society6 reminds me a lot of Etsy, in the fact that the site is composed of individual artists that create much of the artwork you find online. The designs are unique, fun and best of all very cost friendly. New items are constantly being added, so its always fun to check back to see what new pieces and looks have popped up. Below are a few of my favorite prints.

#3 Plants

If you want to add life to a room, add a plant. Don’t know what to put in that weird corner of the room? Add a plant. It never hurts to add a plant to a room to instantly bring a bit of the outdoors inside. From tiny succulents to larger than life trees, there is a plant for every space. West Elm has a great selection of succulent terrariums as well as stands and pots for larger plants.

Terrarium Stand From West Elm

#4 Hand Soap Dispensers

Now this one sounds like it wouldn’t be a big deal. But honestly it makes the bathroom feel more luxurious. I had never had a reusable soap dispenser before recently moving into my new home. I had always just bought whatever was cheapest at the grocery store. Which usually consisted of a .79 cent bottle of store brand soap. When I felt like I could splurge I would opt for a nice brand such as Meyers. But, not only does a reusable hand soap dispenser add some pizazz to any bathroom, it is also better for the environment. Think of all of the plastic bottles that you won’t be throwing away. I think that Target has a great selection of soap dispensers that range from $6.99 to $12.99.

#5 Lamps

Lighting in a home is everything. We all love natural light but in the evenings, you need options, from reading lamps on your nightstand to chandeliers that hang above the dinning table. Lighting surely sets the mood. One inexpensive way to change the lighting fixtures that you already own is to simply swap out your old lamp shade for a new one. Boom, instantly upgraded. I like the fun prints that offers for reasonable prices.

Soft Burlap Drum Lampshade – $45

#6 Curtains

Whether we are talking shower curtains or bedroom curtains, I think we can all agree that curtains can be a major player in the home decor scheme. Even if you decide on a neutral color, the window treatment of a curtain alone will warm up a room. Some of my favorite budget friendly places for curtains include Target, Ikea,, and Society6.

If you see curtains that may be too long for your desired window, don’t be afraid to take them to an alterations specialist to have them trimmed. It is fairly inexpensive generally, $10-$20 in my experience, and it will make your windows and the room as a whole look that much more polished.

#7 Shelves

I love the idea of floating shelves in small spaces, such as a tiny half bathroom. They are multifunctional pieces as they serve as functional storage places as well as a platform for decorative art work, plants and fun decor items. Wayfair, Ikea and West Elm all sell beautiful floating shelves for way under $100.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves – $55 West Elm

#8 Table Cloth / Placemats

Adding visual interest on an otherwise plain table surface is a great and easy way to bring color to the kitchen or dining room. I like using table runners so that most of the table can still be exposed, yet some texture and color is added to the room. Placemats are also a fun way to decorate the table.

Just think of any time you’ve seen a beautiful dining room set in a catalog or evan an open house…the table is always decorated with placemats or table runners. Some of my favorite places to find great table settings are Pier1, and

Diamond in the Rough table runner – $46

#9 Rugs

Rugs are a great way to update a room as well as define a space within a room. Lots of folks are living in the popular “open concept” style layouts these days and by simply adding a rug you can create defined spaces for lounging, dining etc.

Rugs can be expensive. I have been shocked to see that a typical going rate is hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Why spend so much when you know your kiddo is going to spill juice on it or your dog is going to run in with muddy paws only to make a huge mess? I say go for a budget friendly option. A few of my favorites are Ikea, Zin Home (affiliate) and Marshalls.

Moroccan Kilim Shag Area Rug – $75 Zin Home

#10 Wall Murals

No need to paint an entire wall. Instead, save time and money picking one wall and putting up a wall mural. A wall mural is just like wall paper.

But instead of wallpapering an entire room just focus on one wall to make a big statement. There are so many places online to find great wall murals, but some can be very expensive.

However, I have just saved you time by doing the research for you. Here are some websites that offer wall murals for under $100. has beautiful murals to choose from, most range in price around $84.99. as well as the Home Depot also offer murals for under $100.

Purple and Pink Dark Floral Wall Mural – $3.25 / foot

There you have it, a list of simple and affordable home makeover ideas under $100 that will elevate your living space and give it an easy fresh makeover.

I know that I have already personally implemented some of these ideas in my home and can’t wait to do a few more.

I would love to hear about your home decor makeover successes and any budget friendly tips you have for making over a home.


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