Start a blog in less than 10 minutes. Step by step guide on how to begin your blog business. Be your own boss with your blog. Take charge and do the travel writing that you always wanted to do!

Start A Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes With Siteground

Start a blog today in less than 10 minutes. Be your own boss! Learn how to take control of your life with your own blog business!


Are you ready to start your blog? Well, you’re in luck,  I am here to show you how to start your very own blog with Siteground (Affiliate) web hosting. It’s so easy to do! You will be ready to start creating content and sharing with the world in 10 minutes or less.

I have two instructional options for you:

1) Watch my short step-by-step instructional video here.


2) Follow my blog post accompanied with screenshots below.

Disclosure: This page contains some affiliate links . Please know that I may receive a percentage or commission from a link included on this page, at no cost to you. I will only recommend a product or service that I have used or believe has substantial value to my readers.    

Let’s Get Web Hosting In 3 Easy Steps:

To begin click here to be taken to the Siteground website. Open the link in a new tab so that you can easily reference back to my instructions.

#1 Select A Plan

Step 1


You will be given the option to select from 3 plans: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.

StartUp Plan

For beginners I highly recommend selecting the StartUp plan for $3.95/month. This is such a great deal for running your very own website!

You will receive the following:

  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB of Web Space
  • Best for 10,000 monthly visitors
  • Plus all of Siteground’s essential feature

GrowBig Plan

The GrowBig plan is $5.95/month.

You will receive the following:

  • Multiple Websites
  • 20 GB of Web Space
  • Best for 25,000 monthly visitors
  • All of Siteground’s essential features
  • All of Siteground’s premium features

GoGeek Plan

The GoGeek Plan is $11.95/month.

You will receive the following:

  • Multiple websites
  • 30 GB of Web Space
  • Best for 100,000 monthly visitors
  • All of Siteground’s essential features
  • All of Siteground’s premium features
  • All of Siteground’s geeky advanced features

#2 Select A Domain

Step 2

Choosing a domain name is really important. This will be part of the branding of your website. You probably already have some ideas of what you would like to name your website. It is best to keep names simple. Just think about it, the easier a name is to remember the easier it is for someone to type it without the possibility of spelling errors. You want to make finding your website as easy as possible.

  • If you are registering your domain name for the first time with Siteground you can transfer it for free by clicking the box I already have a domain.
  • Most of you will be purchasing your domain for the first time as you are signing up with Siteground. So for those in that camp please select Register a new domain.

When registering your new domain you also have the opportunity to select your domain extension, such as .com, and .org for example. I recommend choosing the most popular extension of .com.

#3 Review & Complete

Step 3




























You are almost done! Now it’s time to pay for your hosting service and domain name all at once.  You will also be offered to select a few upgrades as shown below.

Siteground features













I cannot stress enough that I highly encourage you to select the Domain Privacy for $12.00/year.

At first, I admit that I did not do this. I explain this in my blog post A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting A Blog and boy did I regret not doing that sooner.

Congratulations! You now own your very own domain name and have web hosting!!!! Next let’s get WordPress (Affiliate) installed so that you can start creating content and start your fabulous blog!

There are a few ways to get WordPress installed through Siteground (Affiliate).

  1. You can call their customer service representatives and they will help do this for you. This is what they do and it is very easy. Just contact Siteground directly here.
  2. You can install this manually, which is just as simple in my opinion.  I will make it even easier for you by walking you through the steps below.

Install WordPress

Wordpress step 1

Once you login to Siteground, under the “My Accounts” tab, click on “Go To cPanel” as my blue arrow indicates.

Wordpress set up step #2Click on the WordPress (Affiliate) icon as my blue arrow indicates.

wordpress step 3In this window you will want to click on the “Install” tab as indicated by my blue arrow.

wordpress step 4


Follow the install steps:

Choose Protocol: most likely it is http://

Choose Domain: The domain for the site you are setting up

In Directory: Leave this section blank

Site Name: Anything to help you remember which site this is. FYI: this can be changed later.

Site Description:A short and concise description of your website. FYI: this can be changed later.

Admin Username: Be sure to record this and save it for later referencing.

Admin Password: Be sure to record this and save it for later referencing.

Admin Email: Your email address.

Language: Your preferred language.

Choose a Theme to Install: You can choose to pick a theme for your website now or later. It’s very easy to browse the free and paid themes available once you are logged into WordPress (Affiliate)  so don’t stress too much at first with getting the perfect theme. I have changed mine so many times.

wordpres step 5

You made it to the last step!!! Woo hoo!!!

Go to the WordPress (Affiliate) website at (your new domain that you purchased through Siteground).(Affiliate)

Login with the username and password that you just created.

Voila! You are completely ready to go! Everything you need o start creating content and sharing with the world is now in the palm of your hands.

Let’s recap: you  now have your very own domain name,(check) web hosting (check check) and a blogging platform (check, check, check).

Thank you for letting me be a part of your new blogging journey! I’m so excited for you!!! Congrats!