Step-By-Step Guide To Starting A Blog

So you want to start your very own blog, huh?

Awesome!!! There are so many reasons people are getting into blogging these days.

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Blogging is a fun way to be creative and expressive through writing.  If you know anything about me you know that I went to college for Journalism. You can read a quick blurb on my About Page.

I never wound up finding that first Journalism job after graduating in 2007. (Thanks recession!)

One thing led to another and I fell into administrative work in the healthcare field. By day I work as an Executive Specialist at a hospital and by night and weekend I enjoy writing.

Okay back to you. ūüôā

Whatever your motivation is to start a blog, know that you can do it.

There are some things you need to consider when you are getting your blog up and running.


I started out using Siteground (Affiliate Link) and have been very happy with the service. A few tips to remember when purchasing hosting from Siteground. (Affiliate link)

  • You will need to purchase an entire year of hosting in one payment.
    • At $3.95 per month the total cost is $47.40
    • ¬†The payment will auto renew each year.¬† I actually set a reminder in my phone a year from the date purchased so that I would remember that $47.40 is going to be withdrawn. Otherwise, I would have completely forgeten and then I would be wondering to myself, “what the heck did I spend $47.40 on?
  • When registering for hosting, I highly recommend checking the box for the optional¬†security protection. The cost is $12.00 for the entire year.¬† I admit that I did not do this at first. I thought to myself “heck I don’t need that!” Boy was I wrong.¬† What wound up happening is that I started receiving about 6 phone calls a day from telemarketers!
  • I called Siteground (Affiliate link)¬†after a few days of the relentless phone calls coming through and spoke to one of the customer service agents.¬† The person I spoke with was so friendly and helpful.
  • I was assured that Siteground (Affiliate link)¬†did¬†not¬†sell my information to anyone.¬†They explained to me that if people choose not to sign up for the security protection than your information becomes public for anyone to contact, including some of the telemarketers.
  • The good news is that the phone calls stopped within a few days of purchasing the security protection. So, $12 for a year well spent!

Other popular options include Bluehost, and DreamHost

Domain Name

Pick out a domain name that will represent you and your blog.

Put some thought into your name and check to see if it is an available name to purchase on

I purchased my domain name through Siteground (Affiliate link) at the same time I was purchasing hosting.  This was just very simple to do all at once.

Once you purchase your domain name you own it! Pretty cool right? Just think, you own a little piece of the massive world wide web!

If you ever decided to switch hosting services you can bring your domain with you, because you own it.

Blog Platform

There are lots of different blogging platforms to use.  I use WordPress (Affiliate) for my blog and have been really happy with it. I find it incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

WordPress also has a lot of cool features called Plugins. Think of a Plugin as a helpful tool for your website. One example is the plugin called Jetpack. Jetpack tracks your sites activity and provides cool graphs that show how many visitors you had on a particular day. It even breaks down what parts of the world people are viewing your site from.

I was shocked to see people finding my site from Germany, France, Ireland, Russia, China and even the Canada!

I had started out with the free version on (Affiliate) and it just seemed like a natural transition for me to use for my blogging platform once I decided to purchase my domain and hosting services.

Remember that when you are using the free version of WordPress (Affiliate) that you do not own the domain name.

How to install WordPress on Siteground

Installing WordPress through Siteground’s hosting platform is so easy. Here is a short how-to video walking you through the handful of clicks it takes to installing WordPress.

How to install a WordPress Theme

Now that you’ve got your hosting and domain name its time to pick out a theme on WordPress. I’ve got a quick step-by-step video that can walk you through this in no time.

Start Writing & Sharing!

After you get a domain name, hosting and a blogging platform you are ready to write and start sharing with the world!  I mainly use Pinterest to share my content. But I recommend using all options to see what your audience responds to the most.

I recommend linking Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to your blog so it makes it easy for visitors to share your content.

Step by step to start a blog

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