Is Portland the Most Vegan Friendly City In The World?

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2019)

Title Page - Is Portland, OR the most vegan friendly city in the world?

Is Portland the most vegan friendly city in the world? Okay everyone, so Portland came in at #9 out of 10 on the Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017 rank list according to Happy Cow. But hey, out of all the cities in the world that’s pretty darn good!

In 2016 Portland earned the #1 spot from PETA as America’s #1 Vegan-Friendly City but then in 2017 lost out to the top spot to New York City.

What is it about Portland that makes it so incredibly vegan friendly you may ask?

Well, for starters Portland is home to 34 fully-vegan restaurants, 28 vegetarian, and 166 veg-friendly options, and growing as sited from

Just this year in the south waterfront neighborhood of Portland a new vegan friendly coffee shop called Oracle Coffee opened its doors.

I happen to live in the south waterfront and I was so excited to have another coffee shop in the area. When I went in to get a coffee the first week it opened, and I ordered a small coffee, was handed the coffee, and when I walked over to the sugar and cream station I was surprised not to see a pitcher of half and half there.

I asked the barista if he had any cream, and he said “no, we are a vegan friendly coffee shop”. 

I thought wow, that’s pretty cool, but at the same time I was also thinking that you would potentially loose customers that do enjoy dairy.

But, I must say, I walk by that coffee shop every day and it seems to be doing just fine.  That’s the cool thing about Portland, you can be unique, different and stand for a cause and succeed.

I think that is part of the success in vegan friendliness in this city.  A lot of people in Portland are very environmentally conscious and care deeply about their footprint in world.

Portland isn’t all beans and salads either.

We get very creative with our vegan food. We elevate our food to the same status as a gourmet steakhouse.

Just look at restaurant Farm Spirit. It is a 8 course vegan friendly communal dining experience like no other. You get to watch the chefs in the open kitchen prepare your decadent feast right before your eyes with such care and precision.

Southeast Stark & 12th Street in Portland  has become the “vegan zone”  as it is home to a number of  vegan friendly shops including Herbivore Clothing Co.  and even a vegan friendly tattoo shop,  Scapegoat Tattoo.

Portland, you may have fallen off the top spot on PETA’s most vegan friendly city for 2017, but your still top spot in my book!


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