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3 Reasons Christmas In Las Vegas Is A Good Idea

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2019)

Christmas In Las Vegas

Okay, so you may think that spending your Christmas holiday in Las Vegas is so far from the picturesque “white Christmas” idea that we are all accustomed to, that it couldn’t possibly be something you should consider around the holidays.  But I want to share 3 reasons why Las Vegas at Christmas time is a good idea.


  1. Sunshine and warm temperature!–  If you are not a fan of the snow, rain, freezing temperatures and grey skies then Las Vegas’s December temperatures are for you.  With average December temperatures around 60 degrees,  why not get away to some much needed sunshine to boost your spirits!?!  Just take a look at the temperature graph from Accuweather.com  that shows December average temperatures around the 60’s. Now, I know it’s not 90 degrees, but if you are experiencing temperatures in the 30’s then 60 degrees sounds pretty good.

Temperature graph


2. Cheap Hotels – Did you know that hotel rates in Las Vegas are some of the cheapest in the entire country?  It’s true.  You can stay at a 5 star hotel for less than $100 a day! Now that is a steal. Just take a look at priceline.com to see the latest offerings and you will be pleasantly surprised.

3.  World Class Dinning -Why spend all day cooking up a ham, roast or turkey when you can be fine dining at some of the best restaurants in the world? Las Vegas is home to some of the most celebrated celebrity chefs. Check out the list of the top 15 Chef’s in Las Vegas as ranked by Thrillist. 


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