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Top 5 Coffee Shops You Don’t Want To Miss In Portland, OR

5 Coffee Shops You Don’t Want To Miss In Portland, Oregon

Updated: May, 6 2018

The pacific northwest is a foggy wonderland filled with some serious coffee enthusiasts. After living in Portland, Oregon nearly six years I have come up with a top five list of the city’s best coffee shops.

Latte from Barista Coffee Roasters

Barista –

Although there are more than a handful of locations around the Portland area my favorite location is it’s petite flagship shop located at 539 NW 13th Ave. Portland, OR 97209. The cool thing about Barista is that it has a rotating array of coffees from around the country. You are sure to always try something new.  The ambiance is small but appealing, as it is housed in an old warehouse on a trendy street in the beautiful Pearl District. This is a must stop for tourists.

Coava coffee to go cup with latte
Latte from Coava Coffee Roasters, Portland, OR

Coava –

1300 SE Grande Ave, Portland, OR 97214 This is the most serious of coffee shops in Portland.  What do I mean by serious? Well, have you ever seen that episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee when he came to Portland, OR and had coffee with Fred Armisen of Portlandia? Well, they had coffee here. If you order an americano, a latte, a basic coffee even, expect to wait about 10 minutes. Not just because it’s so popular and busy, but because the baristas are weighing the coffee on a scale, and taking the temperature of the hot water…everything is very…scientific.


The location on SE Grande Ave. is huge, it also happens to be a woodworking shop for furniture…it’s all very Portland! Touristy…yes, hipsters in abundance…yes. The baristas are not overly friendly, they are serious and quiet…it’s all about the coffee here. They may even come off a little rude…so why would someone put up with potentially rude service and a long wait? Well, because the coffee is pretty darn good.

Americano from Heart Coffee, Portland, Oregon
Americano from Heart Coffee, Portland, Oregon

Heart –

I love this shop! Located on 537 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 The shop’s decor is Scandinavian influenced, white subway tile, white walls, lots of windows and green plants with a concrete floor. The coffee is great, the service is pleasant and there is room to sit, linger and people watch.

Sterling Coffee Roasters
Sterling Coffee Roasters


Sterling Coffee Roasters 

Sterling Coffee Roasters moved from it’s quaint tiny coffee shop located NW 21st Ave. it’s new outpost just across the street. You can find it at 518 NW 21st Ave. Portland, OR. While I just adored the small tiny space that it once occupied, I must say that it’s new space is delightful. It’s bright and airy, with lots of greenery to fill up the cafe.  With the location change, I noticed a few other small changes. The Barista’s always used to dress in crisp white shirts and bow ties and it seems that dress code has been thrown out the window. Barista’s now rock whatever attire they desire. A few things remain unchanged, the amazing coffee and great service and remains one of my favorite coffee roasters in PDX.


Latte from Stumptown coffee roasters in Portland, OR
Latte from Stumptown coffee roasters in Portland, OR (Ace Hotel location, Stark Street)

Stumptown –

When you think of Portland, OR and coffee Stumptown is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Stumptown started in 1999 and just last year they sold to Peet’s Coffee.  Some say they “went mainstream…sold out to corporate coffee culture…”. As if Stumptown were Nirvana making it big time and once they went mainstream they were no longer cool.  But the fact remains that Stumptown coffee is great, and so far the quality has not been compromised. Best thing here is the cold brew. I like the shop in the Ace Hotel on 1026 SW Stark Ave. Portland, OR.

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