Long Weekend in Washington D.C.

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2019)

What to do in Washington, DC. A long weekend guide to Washington, DC. Visit Washington DC in the fall!

If you only have a few days for a vacation, consider spending a long weekend in Washington, D.C.

D.C. is after all the United States capital. A place where so much history has occurred and where laws have been passed and demonstrations of historical significance have taken place.

This city is filled with so much to see and do that you couldn’t possibly capture it all in just one visit.

But you sure can have an awesome time seeing amazing museums and sites. I am going to share with you my exact itinerary from a long weekend in Washington, D.C..

I hope this post helps show you that you can still squeeze in a lot in a short time.

White House

Day 1 Of My Weekend in Washington D.C.

My flight arrived at Dulles International airport at 5:00am. For those of you not familiar with the airports in the D.C. area, please note that Regan International airport is the closest airport to D.C. 

It is about an 18 minute taxi ride. Or you can take the metro. On the other hand, Dulles takes about 45 minutes for a taxi ride into downtown DC.

With that being said, there is a “silver line” metro being built to connect Dulles International airport directly to DC city center, however at press time, it is still under construction. According to the Washington Business Journal’s online publication the silver line is scheduled to open in early 2020.

From Dulles airport I was able to take a 15 minute shuttle bus from Dulles airport for $5.00 to the silver line metro stop Wiehle Reston East which then took me to the metro center stop in downtown DC.

Metro center is where all of the metro lines connect.

I transferred to the red line and took that to Dupont Circle  When you get off at the Dupont circle stop, you take a long escalator to the street level.

Metro Station at Dupont Circle, Washington DC escalator

I planned to meet my mom and stepdad in D.C. Both had arrived the day previous, and they met me at the Dupont Circle metro stop. Once we all had our reunion I followed them on foot for about half a mile to where we were staying. 

My mom picked out a great place.  A beautiful Bed & Breakfast called the Swann House 

Swann House Bed and Breakfast porch lightSwann House Bed and Breakfast front door Swann house bed and breakfast front steps

I had never stayed at a B&B before, and I have to say it was a wonderful experience and I would do so again immediately.

Each morning when you wake up, you can take a seat in the victorian dinning room anywhere you like. The staff will make you anything you want, crepe…sure!

Eggs Benedict – why not? While you are eating beautiful Mozart and Beethoven play in the background as other travels converse and discuss the days plans.

Swann house bed and breakfast Swann House bed and breakfast dining room Swann house bed and breakfast morning breakfast buffet

The three of us all sat down and filled our bellies as we planned our first day in DC together.

We decided to take the metro from Dupont Circle to the Metro Center and change lines to take us to Union Station, which was just a short walk to the Capital Building which we had reserved a tour for a few months prior.

Tip – You need to purchase reservations to tour the Capital Building in advance.

If you are planning your weekend in Washington, D.C. long enough in advance then you can do so here

library of congress Library of congress Capital building

I highly recommend touring our nations capital.

I was so impressed by the gorgeous detail in the ceiling. The statues and paintings are very impressive all throughout the building. 

The Capital Building tour is completely free. It takes about two hours from start to finish including the requirement to check in 30 minutes in advance.

The tour guides are awesome! Very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have.

You are given a headset so that you can hear the tour guide even if you are far from the guide. The capital building also echoes, and because there are so many tours going on the headsets came in handy.

After our tour we found out that the capital building connects to the Library of Congress so we decided to take a quick self guided tour. 

The building itself is just amazing to walk through and a work of art itself.

library of congress front of buildinglibrary of congress interior

After touring the capital building and library of congress we decided it would be fun to spend the second half of the day in Old Town Alexandria.

We took an Uber for the first time ever to Georgetown. That’s right, up until this point I had never used uber. Can you believe that? Well it was very easy to use and a quick way to get across town. 

Once in Georgetown we took a water taxi from the waterfront area in Georgetown to Old Town Alexandria.

Old town Alexandria old town Alexandria on the river King Street Old Town Alexandria King Street Old Town Alexandria

The water taxi was an enjoyable way to get to Old Town Alexandria. It gives another perspective of the city being out on the water. 

Another option to get to Old Town Alexandria is to take the metro. From downtown D.C. the metro will take about 25 minutes to get to Old Town Alexandria.

Even if you are only spending a long weekend in Washington D.C. a trip to Old Town Alexandria is, in my opinion, a must see destination on your itinerary.

The water taxi took about 40 minutes.

When you get off the water taxi you are greeted with a vibrant waterfront. The streets are filled with restaurants and street musicians. 

From the harbor we walked up picturesque King Street. King Street is the main thorough fare that runs through the Old Town district of Alexandria. King St. has so many cute boutiques and restaurants. You could easily spend an entire half day touring the shops and eating delicious food.   We decided to eat at a restaurant called The Warehouse.


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