The Best Coffee Shop in Portland

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)

Barista coffee shop - NW Portland, Oregon Barista coffee shop – NW 23rd location in Portland, Oregon

Coffee Review:

Barista. That is the name of one of the best coffee shops in America, according to the annual report from the The Daily Meal titled; The 50 Best Coffee Shops In America, published in April, 2014.

Barista has 5 locations in Portland, OR but my favorite has to be the Barista coffee shop location on NW 13th Avenue in Portland’s trendy Pearl District.

Walking up the concrete steps to Barista and clutching onto a metal rail I can hear the steam from the espresso machine frothing up the perfect latte, I can smell the crisp aroma of arabica coffee beans as hipsters lounge with their dogs on the front stoop embracing then end of summer.

The front door is already propped open to let the open air in, and let the coffee aroma out on to the street. Perhaps to intrigue any passerby to pause on their intended destination and make a detour to stop in for some java.

The line is long, but that’s what you expect for a high quality coffee shop such as Barista. Customers don’t seem to mind, as they chat in line, and mull over their coffee of choice. But most loyal coffee drinkers already have their go to drink of choice, don’t they? Americano with room. Triple shot espresso. Latte with non-fat milk. Coffee black. We all have have our minds made up, and rarely do we deviate from our daily habits.

The type of coffee is what changes at Barista. It rotates carefully selected coffee beans every few months to keep our palates intrigued. Intelligenista from Chicago and Stumptown from Portland are just a few of the great coffees that have been offered at Barista. Ambiance and quality coffee are two things that keep me going back to Barista again and again


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